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Blazing Comics #1

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Journey Back to the Golden age of Comics and Meet Rural home Inc.'s line of Heroes in Blazing Comics!! In this Issue The Green Turtle gets a sidekick....Burma Boy!
 The Story:
In the lead story we find a Chinese village under attack by Japanese forces, a lone male teen and some women are all that remain and are overwhelmed by the Army's onslaught. Suddenly to the Japanese General's Horror the first ever Asian superhero  the Green Turtle appears! Rescuing the boy and a recently De-throned princess he heads back to his "Turtle Shell" base in the Tibetan Mountains via his custom  Turtle Plane. Green Turtle leaves the Princess at his base and along with the teen who takes the nickname " Burma Boy" they thwart the Army's plans to steal a huge cache of Gold and weapons. The story ends with the Princess and Burma Boy trying to find out Green Turtles secret I.D. but he ain't talking.
              Next up we get a Tommy Paige, War correspondent tale, followed by the Black Buccaneer a nifty pirate tale, A Red Hawk Yarn, about a fighter pilot. The beautifully illustrated but very racist Jun-Gal and Mysterious Mr. Ree round out the issue.
   The Good:
Some sweet art from Green Turtle creator Chu Hing in the lead story. Some quirky characters especially the Turtle who avoids the Fourth Wall "Camera", and a rarely seen point of view on WWII.
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 The Bad
More racist undertones than you can shake a stick at, anytime a minority character appeared I winced or cringed. I had to crop the hell out of the Jun-Gal image just so it would be post worthy.
 The Verdict: 3/5:
Would have liked to rate this higher but I was saddened to see a great creators work like Chu Hing's marginalized by his times with all the racist bits in this book.. However the Green Turtle and Burma Boy are really cool and deserve a look if you get a chance the "Turtle Plane" and "Turtle Cave" are wicked!

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