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A collection of 7 stories and a quiz set in a variety of american wars.

1.Viet Cong

The North Vietnamese Army advised by First Lieutenant Dave Crew of the US army raids a Vietcong village in retaliation to a Vietcong attack on a friendly village. After discovering Vietcong troops hidden in a hole the soldiers torture them for information. They are soon ambushed after leaving the village. Vietcong forces soon disappear and leaves Lieutenant Crew to wonder whether they have made any progress at all despite the Vietcong losing forty men and the North Vietnamese losing only 12


In the aftermath of an unspecified battle of the Civil War, two Confederates have become separated from their battalion. One is shot by a Rebel soldier hiding nearby, who is soon shot by the other Confederate. The Union soldier loudly begs to be put out of his misery. The Confederate soldier yells at the other Union soldier for letting him suffer, who argues back that doesn't want to leave his cover fearing the Confederate soldier is trying to trick him. The injured soldier dies while they arguing. They form an unspoken truce to protect the soldiers body form wild hogs and give him a decent burial. They trade tobacco and beef jerky and begin discussing the madness of war, but it soon devolves into an argument over who started the war. The Union and the Confederate soldier get in fight and shoot each other simultaneously . The wild hogs are shown heading back toward the grave site where two fresh bodies wait for them.

3.Flying Tigers

The American Volunteer Group also known as The Flying Tigers, are returning from a battle with the Japanese. The plane piloted by Dallas took heavy fire and is aflame. He resists the urge to bail out due to concerns about the already low supply of flyable aircraft available to the Tigers. He and the rest of the Flying Tigers land on an airstrip and the fire is quickly extinguished. Dallas complains to a fellow Tiger, Rick-boy, about the lack of funds provided by the US Air Force to their highly successful battalion.

Dallas and Rick-boy go to a local bar and are discussing the benefactor of the Tigers, General Chenault. Another pilot overhearing their conversation insults Chenault loudly and a bar-fight begins. It is nearly immediately interrupted by a Flying Tiger entering the bar announcing another Japanese attack.

The Tigers are soon in the air again with the goal of protecting an American supply ship. Dallas's hastily fixed plane stalls out and he is shot down. The Flying Tigers shoot down the rest of the Japanese planes, and land at base with the supply planes. Rick-boy is distraught and bemoans Dallas dieing to save documents and stationary. It is then revealed that the supply plane he and Dallas protected had General Chenault on board.

4. Long View

Captain Wayne is ordered by his superior to take a hill in Japanese territory with his one company. He argues that they will be slaughtered taking it alone and request additional companies to help. His superior tells him he is not taking the long view and is being to sympathetic to his company.

Wayne reluctantly follows his orders and begins running up the hill with his men. As he gets closer to the peak his companys ranks are rapidly being thinned out by enemy bullets. They successfully take the hill, but as Captain Wayne orders his men to form up, he realizes they are all dead.


George and Kansas are stationed in France during the first world war. They find it amusing how they have never seen a German in their six months there. They are sent to Cantigany and ordered to dig mortar holes together into a trench. There is an artillery attack by the Germans the next month, but it only reinforces their not taking the war seriously when Kansas is slighlty buried in dirt by a blast and completely uninjured.

A month later the trench is finished and German artillery is firing from a nearby village. George, Kansas and the rest of the company run over the top of the trench to raid the village, but it is to smoky to see anything. They eventually see a French tank roll out of the smoke, and follow it to the ruins of the village. George comments to Kansas that the war is being fought by machines and men are safe. Kansas goes of to a destroyed house to write a letter to home in private. Inside he sees his first German, who shoots him dead.

6.Mad Anthony


In the battle of Paoli, the American forces were ambushed by the British and most were slaughtered when they attempted to surrender.

General Wayne arrives in New York and receives orders from General Washington to attack the British held Stony Point.

At Stony Point the British soldiers leave their posts to drink confident that no Yankee would dare attack. The American forces come out of hiding. A survivor of Paoli who had his right eye gauged out by a British soldier is part of the group. Another group of American forces begin firing from an opposite direction to distract the British, while the original group charges them with bayonets. The attack is a success and the one eyed man finds the British man who stabbed out his eye. He returns the favor.


A Group of American Gi's find a patrol slaughtered by the Germans in a village in Italy. The Gis comment on how the Germans are known for not taking prisons A Sgt. in the group vows to avenge their deaths. They are suddenly attacked by a sniper hidden in the wreckage. The sniper takes out two of the Gis as they storm the building where he is hiding. They find more Germans on the ground floor and shoot them. They kill all but the sniper, who surrenders to them. The sgt. wants to kill him but another Gi warns him that they were ordered to send all prisoners back for interrogation. The sgt. then decides to conduct his own “interrogation”. He beats the man with his gun and fists and makes him empty his pockets. He drops a lighter with the initials of one of the slain Americans on it and the Sgt. beats the prisoner to death despite his fellow soldiers complaints. That soldier looks in the mans wallet and finds that the Sgt. was mistaken as the prisoner has the same initials as the American.



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