Character » Blaze appears in 10 issues.

    Blaze is a villain with a flame gun. After his death a second Blaze appeared who worked for the Hobgoblin

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    Blaze was hired and outfitted by the Foreigner after being bailed out of jail and became part of the assassin's campaign against the Black Cat and Spider-Man. Blaze started by firebombing Black Cat's apartment and went on a spree of arson attacks before luring both Spider-Man and the Cat to a department store. During this time Blaze's greed got the better of him and he attempted to extort money from the heros by torturing a security guard. This action did little to help him and while the Black Cat took down his henchman Spider-Man easily defeated Blaze who was handed over to the police. In one last twist in Donahue's story the arresting officer turned out to the the Foreigner who promptly executed him for going against his orders.

    Later during the period that Doctor Octopus was masquerading as the Superior Spider-Man a criminal outfitted by Roderick Kingsley with Donahue's old equipment gave up the Hobgoblin's cut to Norman Osborn disguised as the Hobgoblin. Later he, Bruin and the Devil Spider were sent to repay their debt to Kingsly but were stopped by Octavius now wearing the Venom Symbiote. The new 'Superior Venom' recognised that Blaze was the only real threat and quickly took him out.

    Alternate Blaze

    Blaze (Hobgoblin Franchisee)

    An unnamed individual who purchased the rights to use Kirk Donahue's equipment and the villain name from the Hobgoblin.

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