Blaze Master

    Character » Blaze Master appears in 12 issues.

    Autobot Micromaster and member of the Air Patrol. Blaze Master is merciless to all Decepticons, and loves nothing more than raining his napalm-like corrosive spray down on them from above. His alt mode is a helicopter.

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    Quite frankly, many of Blaze Master's fellow Autobots are either scared of him, or think he's gone haywire. He frequently flies down low over Decepticons, intentionally making himself a target, only to release his signature corrosive spray on them once he's sure all eyes are on him. He'll then simply hover over them as they all die slowly beneath him (even chuckling at times). There's almost nothing that he loves more than this "death from above" tactic.

    Powers & Abilities

    Blaze Master's signature weapon is a high-powered sprayer that fires a corrosive chemical that can eat through most metals, and also bursts into flames upon contact. Whether by melting or burning, not many escape Blaze Master's attack. He can also wield his sprayer in robot mode, as well as his helicopter blades which he uses as a hand-to-hand weapon.

    Other Media

    Blaze Master is considered to be part of the Revenge of the Fallen movie continuity. In this case known as simply "Blazemaster", he hasn't appeared in the movie itself, but a toy version of him was released; and he's also made appearances in some of the movie's tie-in comics. His character is largely the same, except he transforms into a news helicopter instead of a military one.


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