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    Tutor and guardian of Cable, charged with destroying him if he becomes too unstable.

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    Blaquesmith was born in 3800 AD. His mother had hopes that he would scan as a mutant when she saw his disfigured body, but he failed to register as such. His mother then traded him to Voltayre the Mechanic of the Scavenger Colony where Blaquesmith acted as an apprentice mechanic and errand boy. His ability to repair and operate mechanical equipment got him relegated to Hellhole, where he worked as a slave to power much of Apocalypse's kingdom.


    Blaquesmith was created by Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill and he first appears in X-Men: Prime #1. Blaquesmith even has his very own impostor, Nigel Novotny.

    Major Story Arcs

    He aids the Clan Askani in attempting to stop and defeat Apocalypse and al that side with him. In was in this capacity he was asked to help train soldiers in the war against Apocalypse and one such soldier was to be the man known as Cable. So close they were that when Cable time travelled, Mother Askani leader of the Askani bequest Blaquesmith follow him.


    More recently, Blaquesmith is seen in a distant future and helps Cable when he arrives. He tells him that the world has become like this because Hope wasn't there to save it. Cable wants to know what happened to his daughter, but Blaquesmith tells him that he can't do anything about, but eventually reveals that the Avengers are the cause behind the disappearance of Hope.

    Powers and Abilities

    Blaquesmith possesses psychic powers. Seasoned use of telepathy and telekinesis, that has been maximized with years of experience. Blaquesmith is especially competent when it comes to mechanical objects and possesses exceptional talent and ability creating and fixing mechanical components and items. Blaquesmith is aware and knowledgeable of future technology and has some at his disposal.


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