Blanco Brothers

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    The Blanco Brothers are actual brothers who run a gang as drug lords in New York City.

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    Team History

    Reynaldo Blanco and his Brother Angel Blanco were drug lords who came under the eye of the New York City police department.  They were infiltrated buy under cover detectives Jane Vasco and Maureen Fernandez.  The sting was going well until Maureen saw a news report that her husband was shot.  Loosing control she fled the Blanco Brothers leaving Jane holding the bag.
    Jane was subjected to a bad batch of drugs to cause her pain and kill her.  It ended up putting her in a coma for over a year.  All that time her partner Maureen and Doctor Seth Hiller took care of her.  Finally Jane woke from her coma.  Hiller claimed she had died by using a body of a Jane Doe To keep her safe from the brothers.  
    Jane found that the drug gave her a high healing factor and she used this and trained her body again to face the Blanco Brothers.  Under the new name Painkiller Jane she fought through the gang and ended up killing Reynaldo and shot Angel in the leg.  She threatened to kill Angel as well if he ever came back to New York City again.  Angel left for a while but did come back to face Painkiller Jane again for the revenge of killing his brother Reynaldo.  

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