Blake Edmonds

    Character » Blake Edmonds appears in 192 issues.

    Blake Edmonds was a motor racing champion, but an accident left his face horribly disfigured. Wearing a mask, Blake took on any crazy job or stunt he could because Blake now had a Death Wish.

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    Blake Edmonds starred in 'Death Wish', first in Speed comic, then Tiger (when the two comics merged) and finally in Eagle (when Tiger and Eagle merged).

    What started out as an action/adventure strip soon moved into horror and supernatural territory with Blake fighting ghosts, werewolves, man-made monsters and even Dracula!

    Story index (issue numbers in brackets)






    • Ghosts (159-170) (12 episodes)
    • Imprisoned (171-188) (18 episodes)
    • Assassins (189-192) (4 episodes)
    • The Witch (193-199) (7 episodes)
    • Pit of Terror (200-208) (9 episodes)
    • Haunted Castle (209-216) (8 episodes)
    • Terror of the Werewolf (217-226) (9 episodes)
    • Man-Made Monster (227-233) (7 episodes)
    • Mansion of Evil (234-247) (14 episodes)
    • Fire Demon (248-256) (9 episodes)
    • Human Cannonball (257) (1 episode)
    • Horror of Dracula (258-277) (20 episodes)
    • The Incredible Shrinking Blake (278-305) (28 episodes)

    Eagle Holiday Special:

    • untitled (Eagle Holiday Special 1990)

    Eagle Annual:

    • Highland Horror (Eagle Annual 1988)

    Eagle Yearbook:

    • untitled (Eagle Yearbook 1992)


    • First stories from Speed comic (Best of Eagle issue 4)

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