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    A witch whose spirit is said to haunt the Black Hills Forest in Maryland, USA.

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    The Exile of Elly Kedward
    The Exile of Elly Kedward

    In the winter of 1785, an Irishwoman named Elly Kedward was exiled from the town of Blair after being accused of being a witch. Several local children she extracted blood from their's fingernails for an experiment. The townfolk viewed this as an act of evil. Without any defense to back her innocence, the people of Blair tied Elly to a sledge (wheelbarrow) and dragged her into the woods during the harshest winter in history.

    Elly was blindfolded and tied to a tree where the towns folk gave her cuts on her skin and abused her in any way possible. She was left still tied to the tree alone and cold. Everyday the towns folk would return to Elly's tree to see if she was dead or not. She was still alive, however, so the townsfolk tortured her further. When they ran out of ideas the people decided to hang Elly. She was hung by the neck on the same tree at which she had been tortured. The townsfolk believed that Elly had died and felt that justice had been served. However, Elly's spirit was doomed to never be at peace. The following year her ghost returned and abducted half of Blair's population of children.

    Eileen Treacle

    In 1824, the town of Burkittville which was formally called Blair has finally resettled and rehabited. To celebrate this accomplishment, the families of the weathier society of town celebrate at the creek called Tappy East Creek. Among the families that were there were the Treacles whose 10 year old daughter Eileen decided to swim at the creek. The creek was only 6 inches deep so Eileen just played in the water instead. Her parents kept a watchful eye on their daughter just to be sure she's alright but the thought of anything bad happening to her never crossed their minds so they were fine that their daughter is having some fun. Everything was peaceful at that creek that day, however as Eileen's parents monitor her they witness what seem to be something from a nightmare. A white pale like hand erupted from the stream and seized Eileen by the lapel of her dress. Eileen was dragged down into what used to been a shallow creek now all the sudden being more than six feet deep, the water bubbled and then the water was clam again originating back to it's original depth of six inches. Eileen's parents were horrified to see their one and only daughter being taken away from them right before their eyes. Some time later a search party was formed to find Eileen or her corpse.After a long search the body of Eileen was no where to be found in the creek. The authorities were skeptic on how a little girl can drown in a very shallow creek. They dismissed this being the work of a spirit, despite that there were eye witnesses near the creek. Not all of the authorities were cruel to this tradegy as some of them visited the Treacle couple to comfort them on their loss. The drowning of Eileen lead to some side effects at the creek. For a week, it was clogged with oily sticks which originated up north where the woods are located. The lack of water created a problem for the farmers and the animals that were so dependent on the creek as it's nly source of water. For the first time in 38 years, a death was blamed on the Blair Witch.

    The Blair Witch Cult

    In 1879 a book was published titled The Blair Witch Cult following the hysteria that was formed by the towns folk due to Elly Kenward being convicted as a witch. The book is supposely a true story on the evil acts of the Blair Witch and her actions towards the citizens of Blair. It reveals some surprising facts about the witch, such as that her territory is not limited to the Burkittville woods but Burkittville itself! With a vengence to attack, kill, and harm anyone who lives in the town. I also reveals other mysterious aspects of Elly Kenward, like the river ejaculated some remains of her victims, having complete control on the minds of the animals of the forest, and making the trees do whatever she pleases. The book is supposely written in blood and the cover is a faded green making this book an eerie item to read.

    Robin Weaver

    In March 1886, an eight year old girl named Robin Weaver got lost at the Black Hills Forest. In the woods she met an old woman whose feet according to Robin "did not touch the ground". Robin was frighten by the sight of this woman, but eventually she trusted her due to the old woman's generous manner. She followed the woman to an old abandon house which she enter and went down the basement with the woman. The woman told Robin that she needs to leave but promised that she will return. Robin waited for the woman to return but never did as hours passed afternoon lead to the evening. She became scared as she felt that there's an evil precense in the basement. She couldn't bare to stay any longer and didn't know if the mysterious woman will return. She squeeze through a window that's within the basement, and ran through the woods that is about to be gulped into darkness. She then finds herself out of the woods and then safe and sound at Burkittville. By the time she got there a search party was sent out to the woods before she came back. The search party never returned so the town formed a second search party to locate the first one. They found the first search party by Coffin Creek. All of them were brutally murdered not a single one was breathing. All of the corpses were thrown on the ground to form the shape of a star. Their guts and organs were placed in the center of the bodies. The bdies had carvngs of symbols that look like something straight out of witchcraft. The second search party rushed back to town to gather weapons. By the time they return to Coffin Creek the corpses were gone but the evidence of the killings were still visible at the sight. After leaving the woods, Robin claim to have felt an evil presence in the area.

    Burkittvile Seven Massacre

    In the year 1940, a hermit named Rustin Parr began abducting Burkittsville children. He was previously ordered by the spirit of the Blair Witch to abduct the first group of children he lays eyes upon. Parr accomplish this task by promising candy to the doomed kids. Parr took the kids to his secluded house and disembowelled them one after another. After that the Blair Witch commanded Parr to head to town and annouced his crimes to the citizens. He complied and once he was in town he shouted out "I'm finally finished!". On one knew what he meant , but the police went into the woods and eventually found his home where they discovered seven corpses of children lying lifeless in the basement. The bodies were brought back to Burkittsville which created a great deal of remorse in the entire town. The towns folk declared Parr as guilty and desired to see him receive the death penalty. Parr didn't deny anything and told the police he was doing what the old woman dressed in black wanted him to do. He was convicted and six year later Parr was sent to the gallows where he ended up being hung by a noose.

    The Blair Witch Project

    In 1994, three film students traveled to the Black Hills Forest to film a documentary on the legend of the Blair Witch as a film project. They were never seen again after they been gone for more than a week. Search parties went out into the woods to locate the three young students but ended up finding no leads to their whereabouts. A year later, the footage from their video camera was discovered underneath the foundation of an old abandon house in the woods. Part of the documentary that was founded was not published to the public, instead it was sent back to the families of the three victims. A film of the documentary was made by pieceing together footage from the film of the video camera and was released to the public in 1999. Despite the discovery of the video camera footage, it doesn't reveal anything that can help the authorities or the families out in locating the three young film students. To this day no one knows the truth in what happened to the three students.

    Other Media


    The Blair Witch Project

    She was greatly referenced in this movie, although she never actually appears in the film it was implied that she's the one who is stalking Heather, Josh, & Mike in the woods.


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