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    One of the Protectobots and forms the right arm of Defensor. A fervent street-fighter, Blades would much rather fight than fly. His alt mode is a helicopter.

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    After Optimus Prime and Buster Witwicky shared a Matrix-induced vision of a Special Combiner team, Blades and the other Protectobots were created on Earth by Wheeljack. Wheeljack used the recording Bumblebee acquired of Devastator's transformation sequence. Blades combines with the other Protecobots to form the right arm of Defensor. Blades while being an aerial expert would rather face the Decepticons in hand-to-hand combat.


    Blades was created by Hasbro for of The Transformers (1984) Cartoon. He was first seen in 1987 Marvel Comics' The Transformers issue #24 by writer Bob Budiansky and editor Don Daley.

    Major Story Arcs

    Generation 1 Continuity

    Marvel Comics

    Blades and the other Protectobots were created on Earth by Wheeljack and Optimus Prime after Bumblebee stole a recording of Devastator's combiner transformation sequence and modified it.

    Shortly after the Protectobots were given life by the Matrix, Optimus and Wheeljack learned of a cerebro-shell implanted by Bombshell inside of Optimus, which had allowed Megatron to eavesdrop on their conversations. Reversing the signal, the Autobots learned of a Decepticon plot to steal the energy-converting hydrothermocline. Optimus took the Protectobots to intervene on Megatron and his Combaticons.

    At the industrial site, a computer programer named Ethan Zachary stepped in and suggested they battle for the hydrothermocline in a virtual game program he had created. With their consent, Zachary uploaded Optimus, Megatron, and the two Combiner Teams into his computer game called Multi-World. Blades was teamed with Groove, and they maneuvered through an area called the Cloud-Steppes, where cities floated on clouds. The Combaticon flyers attacked the Autobots, sending the Groove and a group of Cloud-Steppers falling. Against his better judgement, Blades caught the falling humanoids instead of saving his teammate. This turned out to be in his favor as the Cloud-Steppers assisted the Autobots by blinding the Combaticons, allowing Groove to shoot them down.

    As part of the Protectobots, he was later sent by Grimlock to track down the defectors Blaster and Goldbug. The team arrested Blaster but then had to fight off an attack from the Combaticons. Blades and his team were saved by Blaster and in return they let him escape.

    Marvel UK

    TF (Marvel UK) #125
    TF (Marvel UK) #125

    When Grimlock took control of the Autobots, Blades began to consider deserting like Goldbug and Blaster. While on a mission tracking a signal that could be the deserters, he was attacked by Action Force. Blades came close to killing the humans before realizing this was against the Autobot code. He then ended up assisting Action Force, Grimlock and Centurion against a rampaging Megatron, who actually sent the signal. During the battle Blades saved Wild Bill from a Dragonfly crash.

    IDW Publishing

    Blades has not yet appeared in Regeneration One.

    IDW Continuity

    Megatron Origin

    Blades - robot mode
    Blades - robot mode

    Before the war with the Decepticons, Blades was part of an Autobot security force in the city of Kaon. His squad was tasked with hunting down the renegade operators of gladiatorial contest. Their main objective was to capture the fighter who would come to be known as Megatron.

    When Megatron and many other prisoners escaped, Blades was part of the field team attempting to bring them back under control. He was seen having difficulty contacting other units, and Sentinel Prime made the decision to bring out his Apex armor.

    Powers & Weaknesses

    In helicopter mode, Blades can reach speeds of up to 400 mph, and he's armed with twin rocket launchers that fire armor-piercing target-seeking missiles. In robot mode, he has access to a photon pistol, but usually detaches his rotor blades to use as swords for hand-to-hand combat instead. In helicopter mode, Blades is ineffective in winds of more than 40mph, and is liable to crash in winds of more than 60mph. His rotor blades are prone to metal stress fractures if not checked every 5,000 miles of usage.


    • Allegiance: Autobot
    • Sub Group: Protectobot
    • Function: Warrior/Air Support
    • Alt-Modes: Cybertronian Helicopter, V-22 Osprey, Bell UH-1V Iroquois, HH-65 Dolphin
    • Color Schemes: Red/White (G1), Orange/White (Rescue Bots)

    Alternate Versions

    Marvel Comics

    Marvel UK Future Timeline

    2008 Timeline

    The Decepticons made a severe attack on Autobot-controlled territory on Cybertron. Blades was part of a special unit sent to attack the Decepticons. Later, he can be seen on a series of monitors being observed by the Quintesson General Ghyrik. Blades was part of the crew of Autobots that Rodimus Prime had brought to Earth to reclaim the occupied Autobot City.

    Generation 2

    Blades was working with a team of Autobots known as the Firestormers when they first discovered the new Cybertronians.

    During one of their raids, Hound hesitated to shoot a Cybertronian who said he was weaponless. Luckily Blades saw him reaching for a weapon and blasted him. Blades then accused Hound of being "soft". Later, under the influence of mind parasites, he is seen tearing a Cybertronian's cables out with his teeth.

    He was later seen among a crew recruited by Grimlock to destroy the Cybertronian flagship Twilight. When the mission ended in failure, Blades survived and escaped to join another Grimlock team sent to Earth to back up Optimus Prime. During the battle Rumble damaged his rotors, forcing him to land.

    Dreamwave Publications

    War Within

    TF: War Within - Dark Ages #5
    TF: War Within - Dark Ages #5

    Blades and the rest of the Protectobots stayed together after all of the Combiners were directed to disband. Though officially neutral, the team deployed to counter the threat of Devastator. Blades and the unit joined into Defensor, and attempted to grapple with Devastator hand-to-hand. When it became evident that the Combiners were causing too much collateral damage, the Protectobots split up to deal with Devastator through other means. It was Blades who got the most dangerous assignment of distracting Devastator while his team disabled the Devastator.

    Some while later, the Chaos Trinity invaded the Protectobot base. Blades was quick to draw arms, but was defeated by Bludgeon.

    Generation 1

    The Protectobots served the Cybertronian government under Shockwave and Ultra Magnus. The Protectobots appeared in their combined form and battled Menasor when he escaped the Detention Banks. Blades later joined the revolution alongside the other Autobots against Shockwave. After the defeat of Shockwave, Blades and the Protectobots uncovered the Battlechargers at one of his hidden laboratories. They had been critically damaged when Starscream's clone Sunstorm escaped.

    Other Media


    The Transformers (1984)

    G1 Blades
    G1 Blades

    Blades and the Protectobots were first sent into battle against the Insecticons when they attacked an inhabited city on Earth. Optimus Prime called upon the Protectobots to evacuate the civilians caught in the crossfire. Blades forms part of Defensor to combat the Decepticon Combiners like Bruticus.

    Episode Appearances

    • The Revenge of Bruticus
    • B.O.T.
    • The Ultimate Weapon
    • Call of the Primitives
    • The Return of Optimus Prime; part 1

    Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) (Japan)

    When Galvatron attacked Cybertron to gain control of Vector Sigma, Blades and the other Protectobots were stationed there and fought off the Decepticons' initial assault. As Defensor, Blades' team continued battling on Cybertron until, Blades and the Protectobots went to Earth at Ultra Magnus's command.

    Episode Appearances

    • Four Warriors Come Out of the Sky
    • The Mystery of Planet Master
    • Birth of the Fantastic Double Prime
    • Cybertron is in Grave Danger; part 1 & 2
    • The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts
    • Return of the Immortal Emperor
    • SOS from Planet Sandra
    • The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg
    • Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters; part 1
    • The Final Showdown on Earth; part 1 & 2

    Transformers: Rescue Bots (2011)

    Rescue Bot Blades
    Rescue Bot Blades

    Blades appears as an orange and white Coptor-Bot in the Children's Animated Cartoon on The Hub. His partner is a rescue tech named Dani Burns.

    Episode Appearances

    • Family of Heroes
    • Under Pressure
    • Hotshots
    • Flobsters on Paradise
    • The Alien Invasion of Griffen Rock
    • Walk on the Wild Side
    • Cody on Patrol
    • Four Bots and a Baby
    • Christmas in July
    • Deep Trouble
    • Return of the Dinobot
    • The Other Doctor
    • The Reign of Morocco
    • Small Blessings
    • The Griffin Rock Triangle
    • Rules and Regulations
    • The Lost Bell
    • Bumblebee to the Rescue
    • You've Been Squilshed
    • Countdown
    • The Haunting of Griffin Rock
    • Little White Lies
    • Shake Up
    • Rescue Boy
    • It's Bot Time
    • Bot to the Future

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