Movie » Blade released on August 21, 1998.

    First film in the Blade trilogy.

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    In 1998, a Blade movie was made by New Line Cinema and directed by Stephen Norrington. Wesley Snipes played Blade in the film (he was originally going to be in a Black Panther film but it was cancelled). In the film, Blade was teamed up with Whistler to try to find and kill Deacon Frost (played by Stephen Dorff) trying to resurrect La Magra the Blood God.


    While trying to look for clues on Frost, he encountered his lackey Quinn who he left to burn after a vampire rave. He was still alive, and attacked the coroners inspecting him. He also bit a woman named Karen Jenson. Blade feels sorry for what happened to her, and decides to take her back to his hideout to try and help her before she turns.

    Blade also discovers that Frost needs him for the ceremony to resurrect the Blood God. After returning to his hideout, he finds Whistler is nearly dead and Karen taken hostage by Frost's men. Whistler then asked him to kill him before he turns into a vampire, Blade regrets at first but Whistler forces him to do so. So Blade walks away as Whistler kill himself. Blade then prepares for his battle with Frost, and makes his way to his hideout. After killing many familiars and vampires, he discovers his mother was still alive but now a vampire, and it was Deacon who bit her. They then knock him out and take him to the Temple of Eternal Night. He is locked into a device where his wrists are cut and his blood drips into a hole in the floor where it seeps down the to the sacrificed pure bloods and eventually Frost. Karen then arrives to free him and lets him suck her blood so he can regain his strength. His mother arrives to kill but he is able to stop her, she then says "are you going to kill your mother". To which he says, "I must release you" and kills her. In anger, he grabs his clothes and goes after Frost.

    He finally kills Quinn and all of the other enemy soldiers, and finally faces Frost. Blade is able to slice off his arm and and cut him in half. but he discovers he is still alive when he reattaches his body and grows a new arm. Frost begins to beat Blade until he finds the EDTA he brought with him, and throws all of them into Frost which causes him to explode. He and Karen then leave the temple and she asks she going to make more of the antidote to cure him. But Blade says to keep and just make him a new serum to stop his thirsts. He is then seen in Russia killing a vampire as the film ends.

    Influence on Comics

    The movie took many liberties with character's mythology. The character's only "powers" in comics were that he was immune to vampire bites and had a prolonged lifespan. In the film, he is born with all the vampire strengths and none of their weaknesses. This is more similar to Vampire Hunter D, a series of novels that began publication in Japan in 1983, and the first animated movie followed in 85. A year after the Blade film's release, Marvel Comics gave Blade the powers of the daywalker in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #8 - Blood Feud. Blade gains these powers by being bitten by Morbius the Living Vampire. He also started wearing sunglasses and a black trench coat. His wooden stakes turned to steel, and he starting carrying other side weapons seen in the film.


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