Who should play Blade in a movie/tv Reboot?

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Wesley Snipes is one of my favorite actors and is a major part of the reason why Blade is the recognizable character he is today, but he’s also going to turn 52 years old this year. By the time a Blade film or tv series would actually go into production, he would most likely be in his mid to late 50’s. If the production spawned sequels or multiple seasons, Snipes could be well into his 60’s. Wesley Snipes is a great martial artist and prides himself on staying in shape, but I just feel like he’s too old to start a Blade reboot. However, I do think that it would be wise to have Snipes as an executive producer considering that it was his charm and presence that made the Blade movies special. He also seemed to be the one of the few people involved with Blade Trinity that didn’t like the script (and the script/movie as a whole was in fact terrible). Blade launched the Comic Book Revolution following the Batman and Robin debacle, so I think Marvel owes it to Snipes to at least allow Snipes some involvement with the reboot.

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With that in mind, I think Mahershala Ali would be a great choice to lead the Blade reboot. He had an intimidating presence in the movie Predators as Mombasa, the soldier from Sierra Leon. He also portrays Remy Danton in House of Cards. Ali had a certain understated, cunning presence that was still able to stand out even amongst actors like Kevin Spacey. From a physical standpoint, he is 6’2” and pretty well built. I think he would bring the right combination of presence, intimidation, mystery and cunning to the role to be an effective Daywalker. Plus, with Wesley Snipes involved, I think he could assist Ali on what it takes to portray Blade and give him some great one-liners to say (Snipes always has the best one-liners). Many people have also suggested that Michael Jai White should play Blade. With Michael Jai White, I think he could play Blade (he has a great martial arts background just as Snipes does) but after seeing him in Black Dynamite (A very underrated movie btw) I think he would be better served as Luke Cage.

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Your Thoughts?

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@phantom1527: White has the moves but I think he's too old to play Blade as well.

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Really wanted to see MJW in that role, he's got the moves t make Blade look awesome but yeah he's probably too old by now, the martial arts teacher from never back down maybe?

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Michael Jai White. He could be in most black superheros parts.

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@jayc1324: I considered him, but I think his temperament and age would have him better served as Luke Cage imo. Which role do you think is best for him?

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Idris Elba as Blade!!!!!!! Irdis Elba for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@madeinbangladesh: It seems like he's suggested for everything lol. I would like to see him as John Stewart in the DC Cinematic Universe. Maybe even keep his british accent to add an international flair

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Idris Elba for me, and not because he's being casted for everything. He would be a perfect Blade, maybe even better than Wesley snipes

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I think MJW or Idris Elba are best choices. One of the actors is a good fighter himself but not such a good actor but the other one is one of the best actors currently.

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@tdk_1997: you don't think MJW would be better suited for luke cage?

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@tdk_1997: idk maybe it's his size and the fact that Black Dynamite almost feels like a parody version of Luke Cage, but I'd love to see him as Luke Cage.

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David Ajala?

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