Blade: Sins of the Father #1

    Blade: Sins of the Father » Blade: Sins of the Father #1 released by Marvel on October 1998.

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    A hit against a vampire mafia Don goes sideways when Blade accepts a contract from an untrustworthy source! Look out, Eric, you have THREE day walkers to slay!

    In Chicago, in 1926, Leo Passolini leads his mob in an invasion on a rival gang's warehouse. They appear victorious, but are then attacked by a fast-moving shadowy figure. In an attempt to escape, Passolini climbs to the roof of the warehouse, but the figure reaches him, accosts him, then pitches him from the roof into the river below.

    Sometime later, Passolini arrives the mansion where his wife and young daughter, Cordelia, live. But his wife sees he's been transformed into a vampire and screams.

    In present-day Chicago, Blade intervenes in a car chase perpetrated by rival vampire gangs. Blade forces the vehicles to crash, and dispatches the vampires using his specialized weaponry. The last bloodsucker he kills leaves behind an insignia ring emblazoned with the letter 'P'. Unknown to Blade, he is being watched from a rooftop by a shadowy figure.

    Blade returns to his warehouse base, but is surprised by an intruder, a female vampire. He notices ring she is wearing matches the one he just got off the dead vampire, and he gives her half a minute to explain herself.

    She introduces herself as Cordelia Passolini and tells him she needs his help.

    Cordelia explains her father is Leo Passolini, who became a vampire in 1926 and raised her to adulthood. It was then he turned her. She tries to convince Blade she now wants vengeance against her father and all vampires. She also states her father is being poisoned by a new rival vampire group, which has ignited a gang war. Cordelia sees this as her opportunity to take action.

    Blade agrees to nothing but allows Cordelia to leave without incident. He then retreats to his lab to inject the serum that keeps his thirst at bay. He falls asleep into uneasy dreams, but is woken by an intruder alert alarm.

    Outside, Blade finds Cordelia being confronted by several vampires in her father's employ. She and Blade destroy the vampires. Then, before she leaves, she tells Blade she left a video disc for him to watch.

    Blade views the disc, which describes details of Passolini's estate, also displaying the layout .

    That evening, the mob boss holds a meeting of the family heads to discuss their future. Outside, Blade sneaks onto the grounds, taking out a guard. Suddenly, a car from the enemy gang bursts through the estate Gates, and Blade uses the diversion to make his way to the house. Blade finds Passolini already dead, as Cordelia emerges from the shadows and cold cocks Blade, knocking him out.

    When Blade comes to, he finds himself chained up in the wine cellar of the mansion. Standing nearby, Cordelia and her lover, Roberto, gloat. The pair break open wine casks and bottles which are actually filled with blood, expecting blade to go insane as the thirst overwhelms him.

    Soon after they leave, Blade does go into a frenzy, but gathers his strength and force of will to escape. He sets the mansion on fire, then finds Cordelia and Roberto in a nearby cemetery. Using a broken branch and a stone sword from a statue, Blade kills the two vampires, then departs.

    Watching from the Shadows, Deacon Frost smiles, anticipating his impending confrontation with Blade.

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverClaudio Castellini1
    REMovie Theatre Exclusive Edition Variant CoverDave McKean2

    Note: this story is non-canon to the Marvel Universe; it instead takes place within the cinematic world established in the 1998 movie, "Blade". The events in this book precede those depicted in the film.



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    Prelude to the movie is not bad, but not great 0

    This special starring Blade was released by Marvel to coincide with the 1998 release of the movie "Blade". Storywise, it does an adequate job fitting into the world established in the film, providing some decent teases for (what was at the time of publication) the upcoming movie.The plot and writing by Marc Anderyko was fine, and the dialogue worked. The world of the movie Blade was introduced nicely with some decent vampire killing scenes. And we start to get and idea of the social structur...

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