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    Lucian was born an Armechadonian Deviant and is the son of the infamous Lord Tantalus.

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    Former leader of a supposed peacekeeping underground, Blackwulf acts in direct opposition to the world-dominating plans of his evil father Lord Tantalus. Blackwulf, Lucian unlike his three older brothers bore the Black Legacy, which he had inherited from his father Tantalus. This was such a stigma, such a blemish that Lucian's mother Nirvana was beat by Tantalus, and when Lucien was set to leave for Earth she committed suicide. Tantalus had a low opinion of his son, but took him with him to Earth. Lord Tantalus had made plans to invade and conquer Earth, yet ended up exiled on the blue planet by the Celestials. He would go on to use underground kingdom of Lyonesse as a base. Occasionally Lucian would spar with his brother Pelop's, but Pelop's would always end up the victor. This was usually predictable, given Pelop's was always known as genetically superior. Lucian would grow up to be one of the more valued and skilled of the Peacekeepers, Lord Tantalus's designated enforcers. To add a twist to things however, was when Lucien on a mission on behalf of the Peacekeepers he encountered a group opposed to the Peacekeepers and Lord Tantalus, the Underground Legion. Alongside members of that group, and its leader Blackwulf, Lucien had to contend with Thunderstrike, Code Blue and Stellaris. He retreated. Oddly, something about the masked Underground Legion leader reminded him of his brother Pelops. Pelops himself confirmed this suspicion when he revealed to Lucian that he was indeed Blackwulf, leader of the Underground Legion. Aware of this conversation, but concealed, Tantalus made his presence known by killing Pelops. Lucien decides to take up his brothers position and becomes the new Blackwulf.  


    Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Glenn Herdling, Angel Medina, Lucian appears as a name in Avengers #370, his first proper appearance is in Thunderstrike #6. It is an unlikely coincidence that Lucian is viewed as the black sheep of the family when his father Tantalus echoes his mythological namesake so much as to even have three other sons, and to have killed Pelops to appease the god. Where as comic version of Tantalus also kills Pelops. However Lucian from Greek mythology has no immediate relation to the Tantalus myth.  

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Blackwulf

    The Underground Legion are informed of their leader Pelop's death, and his brother Lucian, who has taken on the Blackwulf mantle has sought them out in efforts to honor his brother, assume his role and overthrow his father Tantalus tyranny. the Underground Legion, are weary initially given the circumstance and given that they use to regularly oppose and fight against Lucian. With time though he earns their trust and respect. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Lucian was born with the Black Legacy, a type of bodily energy that can mean its wielder can kill organic beings with a touch. It marks Lucians entire left side of his body. Lucian also emplys a weapon known as the Shadowlance. He can use this weapon to channel his Black Legacy powers. It can be also used for concussion and disintegration blasts. Lucian is a trained and skilled fighter.    

    Physical Characteristics 
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 195 lbs
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Red
    Unusual Features: Black stripe on left side of face, as a birthmark. 

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