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    Beak's mutation manifested at puberty, developing into a humanoid/avian hybrid much like the physiology found in flightless birds. He is amongst the number of mutants depowered due to the events of M-Day, his body reverting back to human form.

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    Barnell Bohusk had a particularly difficult time in coming to terms with his mutation, the physical aspects finding him shunned and considered grotesque by fellow teenagers who named him "Beak". Originally from the Netherlands, Barnell made his way to Xavier's Institute in the hopes of being accepted amongst other mutants but discovered otherwise. Despite this, Beak found some comfort in a special class taught by Xorn which grouped together similarly marginalized mutants like him.


    Barnell Boshuk is a Marvel character created by Grant Morrison and Ethan Van Sciver, first appearing in New X-Men #117.

    Character Evolution

    Hiding behind beer barrels in the back alleys of Rotterdam, Barnell felt ostracised by society due to his appearance. Living on the streets since running away from home, he welcomed the opportunity to join Xavier's Institute and while there, developed long lasting relationships most notably with fellow mutant Angel Salvador who he created a family with. Despite participating in horrible acts against his will, Barnell's extraordinary ability to create and maintain deep friendships helped many of his team-mates and in one instance, saved an entire world. Barnell's incredible value as a productive member of every team joined comes second only to his commitment and dedication to his wife and children.

    Major Story Arcs

    New X-Men

    Beloved Bat
    Beloved Bat

    Barnell found himself drawn particularly to Beast with whom he felt a kinship due to the physical aspects of their mutations. Grateful, Barnell approached Beast with his most prized possession as a token of his appreciation, a titanium baseball bat but became horrified when he began to viciously attack his teacher unaware he was being compelled to do so by Cassandra Nova who was in control of Charles's Xavier's body. Unable to forgive himself, his self esteem plummeted further and he kept company mostly with the students under the tutelage of Xorn, one of whom he developed a sexual relationship after she kissed him to collect on a bet. Despite this, Barnell fell in love with Angel Salvador. She later became pregnant and because of her mutation or possibly a combination of both of their mutations she laid eggs, the children hatching after a few days. All the children were born with mutant features similar to both their parents and became fully capable of walking, speech and flight immediately.

    Beak and Angel were given the cabin previously belonging to Wolverine in the woods near the mansion in which to live in with their kids.


    After some time, the reality-hopping team known as the Exiles came to Earth-616 and Beak helped them on a mission, after which the Exiles were forced by the Timebroker to trade team-member Nocturne for Beak against his will. He had no choice and went with them and was crucial in the defeat of both Tanaraq and King Hyperion. Many missions later he was returned to his reality just in time for the Scarlet Witch's de-powering of mutants resulting in Beak, Angel Salvadore, and five of their six children being de-powered. Beak, however, was just happy to be reunited with his family and returned to live in the hut near Xavier Mansion. One of Beak and Angels kids, Tito Bohusk, still has the mutant gene.

    New Warriors

    Sometime after that, Beak, along with Angel Salvadore, joined the newest incarnation of the New Warriors under the new code-name Blackwing. He also now calls himself Barry. Still depowered, he now has a costume that allows flight. Apparently he has worked out and got a nose-job. He also recruited depowered New Mutant Renascence to join the new New Warriors. Beak and Angel and their kids now live in a big house.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bird-like mutation gives Beak feathered wings enabling limited flight, somewhat enhanced durability, agility and strength, beaked nose, talons and possibly hollowed bones. Now depowered Blackwing uses a powered suit which allows for flight, enhanced strength, energy blast and some degree of enhanced protection.

    Alternate Earths


    In the Ultimate Universe Beak is a mutant who found refugee within the sovereign nation of Utopia lead by Kitty Pryde and the X-Men. He was also briefly apart of the Cataclysm War against Galactus when the X-Men and Captain Marvel were transported into a pocket universe along with the Gah Lak Tus swarm.


    A Beak also exists on Earth-15104, Beak's grandson Tito Bohusk Jr is a member of the X-Men and a very able fighter with a more eagle-like and muscular appearance.


    In this reality Beak is a member of the Omega Gang along with Quentin Quire and Glob Herman.


    In this reality Beak is a member of Gene Nation.

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

    Beak exists on Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse), although this Beak does not have any beak or wings, and instead have green skin. He is part of the new roster of X Men with Wolfsbane and Xorn (Husk in disguise).


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