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The original Blackwing was supposedly Joseph Manfredi, son of Silvio Manfredi ( Silvermane), a powerful head of one of New York’s Maggia families. However, for unknown reasons, he was a first seen as costumed animal trainer in Ringmaster Circus of Crime. He left the group after losing a fight with Daredevil and beacome a division leader of HYDRA when it was under the leadership of Silvermane. He participated in the capture of Foggy Nelson. Blackwing once again battled Daredevil, Black Widow, Nick Fury and SHIELD and was defeated.

Joey never actually became the blackwing until he discovered his mother was killed. Traumatized, he took up the blackwing costume and mantle and became dark knight himself. He grew in intelligence and fighting skills. He used his intellect and great wealth of the night industries company to create a large array of weapons for him to use in battle.


He mastered every martial art known to man and is an expert in many weapons. His costume is equipped with many visions such as x ray, infrared, holograms, and others. His cape can be used to glide long distances. He has bat shaped shuriken, with explosive and sonic variations. He has climbing claws, a ion laser device on his wrist, Grapple guns, electric gloves, his mouth mask can act as a air filter and underwater breather, his boots can anchor him to objects, he has multiple smoke bombs and flash bangs, he has bolas, and a retractable bo staff. He is a legend in detective and stealth skills and is considered one of the finest hand to hand fighters in the world. His costume is all black, has a retractable mouth piece, cape, and arm blades. His costume is actually a prototype Nightbat armor, that was scrapped by Neal Richmond. Joey found the designs and added upon them. He also can use a device in his helmet that can control and command bats. He also has a connection to his black computer allowing him to reader his and access the internet on the fly. He also has multiple vehicles such as his hover board, the black jet, the bat cycle, and the blackmobile. All of which can be summoned via voice command. He has a nuero wave trandmitter. that allows him to communicate telepathically with others. He is also in fathomably smart being able to produce plans and strategies to defeat theoretically anyone, even beings with no limit to their powers. He is also very strong being able to life up to 1 ton. His pain tolerance is also incredibly high.

Mayor Story Arcs

With the Red Skull

Joseph later worked for Red Skull and was a member his Skeleton Crew. He and the rest of the Skeleton Crew were eventually defeated by Captain America, Diamondback and Falcon.

Versus the Thunderbolts

Blackwing next appeared as a member of the Crimson Cowl’s Masters of Evil, joining the team’s attempt to extort the world’s governments with the use of a weather manipulation machine. The team was tracked down by the Thunderbolts and defeated.

After many defeats, Blackwing had built up a reputation as a loser. He finally decides to abandoning the idea of being a costumed super-villain and stay on as crimeboss. He creating his own private army of villains in Heavy Mettle and ordered them to bring them the battlesuit used by Turbo of the New Warriors. Ultimately, the Warriors defeated and turned the members of Heavy Mettle over to the police and Firestrike agreed to be placed in the witness protection program in exchange for providing testimony against Joseph Manfredi.

Agent Carter Season 2

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Joseph Manfredi is played by Ken Marino. It turns out Frost had gained some connections with the Maggia and became involved with Joseph Manfredi. Frost needs a team of reliable men who are discrete in order to help her extract an array of atomic bombs from a Roxxon Oil complex. Frost calls her old boyfriend Joseph for help. Despite their past affairs, Joseph wants an incentive to helping Frost. Frost promises Manfredi freeway contracts once her husband is elected senator. Manfredi agrees to Frost's terms. Manfredi later accompanies Frost when she attacks Howard Stark's manor in order to capture the recently resurfaced Dr. Wilkes. Frost needs Wilkes' genius in order to come up with a solution that will give them physical stability again while enabling them to tap into the power of Zero Matter.


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