Team » Blackstars appears in 14 issues.

    Elite band of Private Soldiers and a new variety of Darkstars created by Controller Mu in order to bring peace and stability to the universe.

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    Created by Controller Mu as a private soldiers force, the Blackstars are a variation of the Darkstars. More centered in the figure of Mu, the Blackstars are more close to an armed cult than a military force. The sub-commander of the force, Countess Belzebeth, is the field chief and who transmits the orders of Mu, in a search for universal peace, at any cost.

    Green Lantern: Blackstars

    Thanks to the machinations of Hal Jordan, the Blackstars had become the main control force of earth 15.


    Same as their model, the Darkstars, the Blackstars have a power suit composed of an exo-mantle, gauntlets and a morphable visor/shoulders. They only work when the three elements are being used by the same person.


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