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    Blacksmith is the leader of the underground black market known as the Network

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    Little is known about Blacksmith's origins. At some point she established or gained control of the Network, an underground black market operating in Central and Keystone Cities. She also briefly married Goldface. When they divorced, she stole some of his formula and had it altered, giving herself the power to fuse metal and flesh.


    Blacksmith was created by Geoff Johns and Ethan van Sciver. She made her first appearance in Flash: Iron Heights #1.

    Major Story Arcs


    Determined to take over the twin cities, Blacksmith creates a new iteration of the Rogues, consisting of original members Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, and Trickster, and new members Magenta, Girder, Plunder, and Murmur. She leads the Rogues in a campaign to weaken the Flash by targeting his allies. She has Pied Piper framed for murder; Cyborg and the police trapped in the Mirror World; Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick distracted and drawn away from the cities; and a mirror shield broadcast around the cities so no outsiders can intervene. She leads her team in attacking the Flash, and nearly defeat him before being interrupted by the Thinker, who has his own schemes at play. Her team deals with the Thinker and finally defeats Flash, but Goldface escapes. The Rogues begin to plunder the cities, but are stopped by Goldface, who leads the people of the cities against them. She and her team are defeated by the people and the Flash. While most of her team escapes, she is captured and imprisoned in Iron Heights.

    Powers and Abilities

    Blacksmith has the ability to mould metal and fuse it with flesh. She has used this power to fuse her own flesh with an ebony metal. She is also a skilled leader and strategist.


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