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    The Original Blackrock is a technological artifact created by Dr. Peter Silverstone. The second Blackrock is an alien parasite that grants its wielder with great force and abilities.

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    Blackrock I

    The original Blackrock was the creation of Dr. Peter Silverstone in an attempt to increase ratings for the United Broadcasting Company (UBC) television network. Looking for someone to fill the supersuit; Silverstone hypnotized UBC President Samuel Tanner and later Tanner's nephew, comedian Les Vegas, to fill the role.

    The third Blackrock was created by Silverstone by using charged ions to animate the suit, eliminating the need for an unwitting pawn.

    Finally Silverstone assumed the mantle of Blackrock himself, using a powerful stone that could metabolize electromagnetic energy into energy to achieve flight, energy blasts and superhuman strength, and fought Superman and his cousin Supergirl. This rock, while a technological artifact, has the appearance of a polished gem that is black as coal. It was appropriately dubbed the "Blackrock".

    Blackrock II

    The next person to take the mantle of Blackrock would be Samuel Benjamin. He had been in jail for eight years after attempted murder and upon getting out he learned it wasn't easy living outside. He stayed at a cheap hotel and as he laid in bed, told someone in a nearby room to turn off their TV, but they didn't and he angrily got out of bed and knocked down their door. Upon entering the room, he saw a crazy old man in a chair with TVs all around him. He gave the man a TV dinner and he told him his name is Peter Silverstone and that he was once Blackrock, a villain who used a stone to gather energy from telecommunication signals and radio waves, and he had given Superman some of his better smackdowns back then. Sam realized whoever has the rock controlled its output and, realizing the old man didn't need it anymore, took it from him and beat him to death with it remarking that he reminded him of prison guard whom he'd told he wants to beat to death with a rock. Later, he attacks the Daily Planet, and is confronted by Superman who ends up subduing Blackrock with his heat vision. After Superman defeated him, he asked him "why?", to which Sam answered "Because you're Superman. Because you don't belong here." Afterwards, Superman threw the blackrock into the sun, believing the threat of the stone would be ended forever.

    Blackrock III

    The third person to receive the Blackrock was Lucia, a former drug-dealer who had been arrested thanks to Superman. She smuggled in a knife and killed her cellmate, causing her to go into solitary for a week, but when she got out and went to the warden's office, she was given the blackrock by Talia which she then used to cause havoc in the area. Superman and Supergirl showed up to stop her, and while Supergirl was dealing with civilians, Superman tried to stop her, but she used the rock's power to drain Superman of his own and used it against him and then decided to go after Supergirl, who ended up stopping her. Later on, she encounters Superman again while he was headed to Alaska to deal with Luthor. She seems to have Superman beaten, but then Superman thinks about everything he loves and realizes he can't lose and takes Lucia into a room in an old building where there are lead lined walls preventing electromagnetic energy from entering and powering the rock, causing her to lose all her power and the rock draws away from her, afraid she'll lose.

    Powers and Abilities

    The wielder of the Blackrock stone can seemingly draw power from many different sources and use the power drawn for different purposes, such as increasing physical strength and durability, as well as the ability to fire energy blasts from the stone. All Blackrock-wielders have shown a superhuman degree of strength and endurance, adding to the abilities of flight and energy projection. The original Blackrock, Peter Silverstone mainly used it to draw power from radio and telecommunication waves, allowing him to process information from TV and energy signals at old age. Samuel Benjamin used it to draw power from millions of sources and made himself tough enough to take a punch from Superman that shook the street they were on without any damage at all. The blasts he fired were also so powerful they could actually hurt Superman. The third wielder of the stone, Lucia, seemed very adroit with it and used it to actually draw power from Superman himself and fired energy blasts capable of piercing even at the molecular level.


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