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    Blackout is best known as the huge helicopter Transformer from the movie series.

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    Transformers Generation One

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    First appearing in the Generation One continuity as a Micromaster.This version of Blackout is a high ranking co commander of a Decepticon Anti Air Craft base. He is tasked with inspiring his troops, and will make speeches about devotion to the cause. But if things ever turn bad for him he will forget about devotion to the cause and run to save his life.

    An interesting thing to note is how different this version of Blackout seems to be from the more current versions. He seems to be a polar opposite whilst this version is small and cowardly the movie version is huge and loyal to Megatron.

    Transformers Energon

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    Appearing in Transformers Energon, basically as a blue version of the Terrorcon Divebomb. He has been specially altered for stealth missions and is a minion of Alpha Q.

    After Megatron had come back and many of the Battle Ravage and Divebomb Terrorcon units went under the control of the Decepticon leader. Some managed to remain under the control of Alpha Q. As a result of being reconfigured he turned to a blue color.

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    There is also another character called Blackout in the same cartoon. He is a member of the Destruction Combiner team,he and four other military styled vehicles combine to form Bruticus Maximus.

    Other Media


    "All Hail Megatron" Blackout in the Transformers film.

    Blackout also identified as N.B.E.23. Is a huge hulking mass of a robot. Transforming into an equally large and impressive MH 53 Pave Low helicopter.

    He will mercilessly track and take down any target his master (Megatron) wishes. For this and his seemingly undying loyalty to the Decepticon founder and leader. He has been described as the hound of Megatron.

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    Blackout quite accurately suspected that Starscream was not making any progress in finding their missing leader because he does not want to find and him in order to remain in charge of the Decepticon forces on Earth. He will openly state this at any time with Starscream and would fight him for leadership if needed. Not for him self but to further his main goal in finding his master. Perhaps it also this reason why he could be further considered the hound of Megatron.

    He has a symbiotic relationship with his much smaller and sneakier companion Scorponok. He is mainly deployed for ambush and undercover missions.

    Animated Series

    An obvious homage to the movie version. He is again very large in scale and almost appears to transform into a cybertronian helicopter of some kind.

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    Appearing in the Transformers animated episode "TransWarped" with other Decepticons in a team, known as Team Chaar who make an assault on a Space Bridge.

    He doesn't seem too bright and is the largest of the group.

    During the battle he lands from the air and sends out a massive shock wave sending Rodimus Prime hurtling back it also disables the Space Bridge. After Strika who is the leader of the team tells him off.He simply replies "sorry" in a low voice and then stomps his foot sending another shock wave out which bring it back online.

    Later under orders from Megatron and Strika he flees from the battle with the Cyberton Elite Guard.

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