Ultimate Blackout

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Blackout's real name is Gary Rozz.  Gary Rozz was a mutant that was abandoned at the Xavier Instiutute as a baby.  Later on it turned out he had the power to darken certin areas at a massive amount.  But he had a weakness to sun light due to his darkness power.  As he got older he developed to the goth culture and was  feed up and left to cause riots for the hell of it.  In the summer of 2000 he started a major black out in the NY area.  Durin this he killed a few people but was later caught by Shield where he was sent to the Raft.  He later escaped after he made a set of metal fangs out of forks and knives.  Hiding in Queens he developed a relation ship with Barbara Ketch.  But after Barbara refused to leave the city with him s Blackout killed her.

He later faught her brother Daniel who became Ghost Rider to avenge her death. Seeing that Blackout couldn't touch the fire covered Ghost Rider in the first fight, he used his darknes and ambushed Ghost Rider in a series of attacks before he retreated.  He then made a set of metal claws resistant to fire so he can fight hand to hand with ghost rider.  The second fight lead to Ghost Rider existance to the world. in a public street.  Later he would hide in the sewers and get the morloks and their twist leader Sauron (see ultimate Sauron in the sauron forum) to take to the streets and go on a mass killing spree.  He would be stopped by ghost rider Angel and be sent back to the Raft but he was rescued by a group of assasins working for Deathwatch.

This is what Blackout might look like.
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Cool beans.

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