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The writer of Bomb Queen (but not the Bomb Queen Vs. Blacklight One-Shot) Jimmie Robinson, states the best way to describe Blacklight is a female Green Lantern, only blue.

Ted Cleaver

The former 1960’s hero Blacklight, awakes out of a 30 year coma and goes looking for his wife Dayglo, who was actually killed by "Firepower" ten years ago. He is lied to by a man in the shadows, thinking ShadowHawk is the son of Firepower. He tries to fight ShadowHawk, but is quickly killed by him after ShadowHawk discovers his weakness. Tedd Cleaver was created by Jim Keplinger and Carlos Rodriguez.

Lina Juarez

After Blacklight’s death the Dark Matter that gave Ted his powers searched for a better host one that both stronger and more driven. The Dark Matter finally settled on an innocent bystander named Lina Juarez. The Dark Matter merged with her and she was given the power to change her life as the new Blacklight. Not long after, ShadowHawk meets her while looking for a mysterious corpse who is killing people. Blacklight is looking for the origin of her newfound powers. The two team up to bring the vicious monster down, who turns out to be the first Blacklight

After Bomb Queen, in disguise, travels to Las Vegas in search of weapon prototype at a gun convention and runs into Blacklight, also visiting Laz Vegas for a comic convention.

Later she and Shadowhawk's girlfriend Rebound face off in New Port City.


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