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As we all know Blackhawks is being cancelled after issue number eight. Knowing there are only a few more issues left to this series, how does this story feel?
I really like the art. The past few issues have been good, but I think this artist is much better. I really hope he sticks around for the finale three issues because it's really good. I really like the character looks and I think that he adds a lot of details that make the story pop out more. The writer is really good in this issue. We get to see the characters of Canada and Wildman. A very enjoyable issue and I really like how we get to figure out events that have happened in past issues.
I really think this book would've lasted longer if it was more connected to the rest of the DC Universe. I also am getting really tired of Kunoichi being infected. I think that is should've ended before the last page and it would be more enjoyable.
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great)
People say that this series had characters that no one cared about, this isn't true. I really am starting to enjoy these characters. I think that this book was doomed because it was about something that isn't in comics a lot. I really wish that it would've lasted longer because it was enjoyable to me and I really hope the remaining three issues are good as well.

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