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"I'm the trans-human woman of the future."

Synopsis: Wildman and Canada make their escape, while the Blackhawks deal with Titus from destroying their base.

What's Good?

It's been slow, but I'm starting to get a feeling for all the characters in BlackHawks: Lincoln is the level headed commander, Lady Blackhawk is the strong, determined second in command, Kunoichi is the young spunky girl who always want to prove herself to others, Irish looks like a hardass, but is a softie inside, Wildman is the logical one, and Canada...is a pilot. Okay, I can't think of anything decent about Canada yet, but the point is character development is crucial for a series like BlackHawks and Mike Costa is doing his part with the writing.

As for the story, It's mostly about the Blackhawks putting their faith in Kunoichi to take down Titus before he escapes. It's simple and quick, but it's the ending with Canada and Wildman makes an interesting development.

This is probably the best issue when it comes to the artwork since with Trevor McCarthy. Graham Nolan and Victor Ibanez redefine the BlackHawks giving each character a better look visually. Kunoichi looks like her own ethnically, there's a lot of emotion throughout each panel, and the action looks great.

What's Bad?

Things with Mother Brain have been moving a bit slowly due to everything else going on, which makes me worry that the storyline will wrap up too quickly judging by the summary of the next issue.


Blackhawks is really one of those overlooked titles of the 52. It seems like a certain blonde that I know from Birds of Prey will make her debut in the next issue (NOT DINIAH, THE OTHER BLONDE). Can't wait.

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