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Blackhawks has been one of my favorite series in the 'New 52'. The writer knows how to write a story about war and soldiers. However, the writer also includes tons of high-tech machines. Does issue four add onto these achievements?
Graham Nolan is penciling and I don't mind it. It feels a bit different to me in each issues which is strange but kinda cool. It's very sketchy and gives all the characters a different look and it's really cool. The story is what makes me like this series as much as I do. There is a lot of character development in it so far. In this issue we get to see these characters personalities and they are very different. I really like Canada and Wildman's part in this issue. Kunoichi also shines very brightly in this issue.
I really wish that we could see a bit more of some other characters. 
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing)
I really like Blackhawks. It's very different from the normal super-hero comic that there are tons of. This is special and I see a lot of potential in this series. I think all the characters are interesting and all have a special quality. I really like the ending of this issue and I can't wait until next months issue. If you like high-tech and an interesting war story, then this is something you are going to want to check out. If you like goods comics, this is also a good one.

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