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DC's version of G.I. Joe worked for me! 0

There is no way you can read "Blackhawks" #1 and not feel like you're reading DC's new version of G.I. Joe. But as someone who grew up loving Marvel's G.I. Joe series, I had no problem latching onto this.  Many of DC's new first issues have come across as strictly introduction issues and haven't done a lot to advance a story. "Blackhawks" #1 accomplishes both, introducing us to the team members and setting the table for the first arc. We get a little character development but being a team book ...

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DCnU G.I. Joe 0

Well, this isn't what i was expecting to get. I was hoping for an piece that took place in WWII or something like that, instead I got G.I. Joe in DC. That's not a bad thing, but it just isn't my cup of tea. The book does a good job establishing several characters, but more importantly the organization and how it pretty much runs and who it works for. We get to see who the good guys are and even though the scene is just randomly jumped to we get to meet the bag guys. I found the last few pages a ...

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And Knowing is Half The Battle! 0

The Good: This cover's pretty neat. It doesn't stand out much, but it does a good job at giving you a good feel for the style of this book. And the logo is actually pretty awesome. The artwork's nice as well. It's some bizarre balance of smooth and gritty that suits the tone, and makes everything flow pretty cool. I'm a big fan of secret agencies using nicknames, and we're already introduced to Attila, Wildman, Kunoichi, The Irishman, Canada, and of course Lady Blackhawk. Not sure which characte...

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New Era 0

DC Comics the New 52 is going everywhere. Including the battle field. Written by a G.I. Joe write you would think we are in good hands. We are in awesome hands.  THE GOOD: I was really looking forward to this because it was differnt then a lot of the other books I was getting. The art is good. The story is what makes this amazing. It starts off in action and it seems really cool. The characters are introduced naturally and I think that they already have distinct personalities when it comes to fi...

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God, I Miss That Miniskirt Already. 0

Blackhawks adds another military themed series to the New 52 along with a very, very obvious comparison to a certain other military themed intellectual property that DC does not currently hold the license for. That comparison aside, Blackhawks is an interesting new series that touches on a currently unexplored area of the DC Universe, though it will have to step it up a notch if it really wants to hold onto a place in the new continuity.Yes, this is G.I. Joe. It's no coincidence that it is G.I. ...

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Oh yeah. This series has potential. 0

Synopsis: Meet the new BlackHawks of the 21th century.What's Good?A brief history lesson before I get into this review. The original Blackhawks were a group made up of different nationalities that fought in World War II. It was a bit stereotypical when it came out, but from what I read online, it was somewhat popular.So, what would a group that fought in World War II be doing in the modern day world? I can't really answer that however, I can say that this series has a GI Joe/covert ops feel to i...

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The U.N. needs this team more then the JLA 2

Technology is one of the things the new 52 is selling.  Blackhawks is the reimage of a covert group lead by a guy codenamed Blackhawk.  Factoring the genre, that will already dictate how much you will enjoy this comic.  Mike Costa is not a well know comic writer, most of his time spent writing G.I. Joe and I guess that is why this narrative was sooth, since this is a polished G.I. joe remixed story.  I don't feel Costa challenged himself  and that is why the story works, since he is writing what...

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Blackhawks Emerge 0

The Story: The Blackhawks are an elite group of military specialist with the latest technology they use to protect the world. My Thoughts:This was one of the newly created series from DC's new 52. A lot of these characters are gracing the pages for the very first time. Writer Mike Costa is in charge of bringing these new characters into the new DC Universe.  It can be a little difficult to keep up with all the characters names that are thrown at you so fast but one that instantly stood out to me...

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No pictures please 0

I got issue 1 for fifty cents and for that price I certainly couldn't complain. It's just good fun, and certainly more enjoyable than expected for a cancelled book, but in hindsight it felt very short and probably not something I would say is worth 3 dollars. But the artwork is excellent, the hair is drawn excellently as are the explosions and fuming smoke/flame, the characters look pretty cool, and for a comic not about superheroes, it's very vibrant! Anyway, there is a ridiculous aspect of the...

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