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    Blackhawk was a long running comic book series that was later adapted into a film, radio show and a novel.

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    This comic series followed a team World War II ace pilots of various nationalities, mostly European. The comic was first published by "Quality Comics" and then later published by "National Periodical Publications", or that is "DC Comics".

    The Blackhawks have had two different incarnations of the team, each one consisting of different members, some of which sharing the same code-names. The second team was created by Howard Chaykin.

    Original Team

    1. Blackhawk - (Real name Bart Hawk) an American of Polish orientation. Leader of the Blackhawks.
    2. Olaf Friedriksen - Danish.
    3. Chuck Wilson - American, born in Texas.
    4. Hans Hendrickson - Dutchman.
    5. Stanislau - Polish.
    6. Chop-Chop - Weng Chan (named Liu Huang in Blackhawk #203; Mark Evanier named him Weng Chan in Blackhawk #251 to 273), Chinese.
    7. Lady Blackhawk - Zinda Blake, American, the first female Blackhawk and a member of the original Blackhawks.

    Other short-term members

    1. Zeg - Kazimierc Zegota-Januszajtis is Polish.
    2. Boris - Boris Zinoviev is Russian.
    3. Baker - Ian Holcomb-Baker is English.
    4. Lt. Theodore Gaynor, USMC is American.
    5. Miss Fear, who never formally joined the team, but appeared repeatedly as an ally in the 1940s.

    Chaykin Team

    Chaykin Era
    Chaykin Era

    In 1987, comics innovator Howard Chaykin updated the Blackhawks with more adult-oriented characters.

    1. Janos Prohaska (Blackhawk) their leader, is Polish.
    2. Andre Blanc-Dumont is French.
    3. Olaf Friedriksen is Danish.
    4. Carlos "Chuck" Sirianni was born in Italy but raised in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States.
    5. Ritter Hendricksen is Dutch.
    6. Stanislaus Drozdowski is Polish.
    7. Weng Chan (Chop-Chop) was born in China but raised in San Francisco, California, United States.
    8. Natalie Reed (Lady Blackhawk) is American.

    Other members

    1. Grover Baines is American.
    2. Quan Chee Keng, a.k.a. "Mairzey" is Malaysian.
    3. Paco Herrera is Mexican.

    The Blackhawk team were also seen in Justice League of America #42 back in the past helping the Freedom Fighters back in World War II with Plastic Man. They found a alien device that the German's where working on. They took the alien device back to Blackhawk Island for safe keeping.

    Arrow Season 1

    The Blackhawks were turned into Blackhawk Security for the first season of Arrow.


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