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The Titans vs Zombies!

I'm a huge zombie fan and I'm a huge Titans so fan, so when you put the two together of course I'm super excited! Writer, JT Krul, and artist, Ed Benes, continue their three part series forcing several members of the Titans to face down their resurrected teammates and loved ones, but it doesn't become a sappy, "I can't kill you -- I love you - fight the dark side!", type of story, no, the Titans are hardened veterans who understand that these murderous abominations are not really Terra, Pantha, Omen, baby Robert, etc, and barely hesitate to kick @ss. The dialogue for all characters involved is great - Krul really understands everyone who stars in this book and I was especially pleased with every scene for my favorite Titan, Donna Troy, who stands as a defiant and courageous leader for the team in this the final chapter even though she's been infected by the evil that could turn her against her friends. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how these heroes become further involved in the major crossover, Blackest Night. I was slightly disappointed that Dove's power over the Black Lanterns isn't fully explained, but I've become so enthralled with the character since Krul and Benes got their hands on her, that I'm willing to wait and see if she's instrumental in finding a cure the corrupted heroes and villains. I'm sorry the series is over!
~ Hype


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Posted By Airstrike

I have these issues and they are great but what issues do I need to buy to finish the Titans storyline?
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Posted By Hyperion322
@Airstrike:  You'll want to pick up Teen Titans #77 & 78 for more Titans related Blackest Night, but also the main series where this series continues. All great stuff! ~ Hype

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