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Black Lantern Titans are descending together onto Titans Island! Will the Titans be prepared to fight off their deceased allies? And how can Beast Boy not lose his heart to Black Lantern Terra?

On Memorial Day, the Titans and Geo-Force visit the Titans Hall of deceased heroes. Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Hawk, Dove, Kid Flash, Donna Troy and Wonder Girl reflect on who they-ve lost, including Terry and Robert Long, and Terra. Hawk and Dove argue about how "fresh" Hank Hall, the original Hawk was,. Dawn argues that Hank didn't show his true colors, while Holly complains that Hank is a snob. After the memorial, Gar goes outside to reflect on Terra's troubled past, while Kory and Vic wait inside. Suddenly, Terra appears right before his eyes. They embrace each other, and kiss. Kory and Vic then realize who Gar is kissing. They go outside and find a creature, with an appearence similair to that of former Titan Lilith Clay. It is then revealed that the two are Black Lanterns, and Lilith was using her psychic powers to hide Terra's true features. They fight each other, when the scene cuts to Dawn Granger's college. Holly and her walk out one of Dawn's parties, when they notice a dead hawk and dove on the ground. They notice a trail, and realize that someone's leaving them a message. They follow the trail into a library, now in costume as Hawk and Dove. They encounter Black Lantern Hank Hall, who quickly takes down Hawk. Dove easil eavdes the creature's movements, but it was too late for Holly. The issue ends as Hank dived his hand into Holly's heart, as Dawn can only look on in horror.


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I can not stop reading this Comic! 0

Okay so I read this comic a while ago and still have not reivewed it. I think I've read this comic 20 times since I got it in November. Now this is one of my favorite comics Favorite. So this is a Blackest Night Tie-in and a good one now I'll start telling you all about the story now the Plot Summary already covers all the spoilers so I'll just talk about the Good and the Bad.  Ed Benes Art is so good I'd pick this comic up just for the Art.  I've read the introduction to Holly and Dawn in the D...

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The Best Of Blackest Night 0

Spoiler warning : That scene on the cover actually happens in the book.  The book opens with the same scene from Issue one of Blackest Night. With the Titans in the Graveyard, looking at the statues of fallen heroes.  It expands on , and includes a scene of Gar Logan defending Terra to Starfire.    This of course is the power of The Judas Contract that it is still relevant over 20 years later.  This of course pays off later when Terra appears, and tells Gar that she hadn't died, but in fact ran ...

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Horrifying Fun! 0

  After reading the first two issues of the main Blackest Night series and writer J.T. Krul’s stellar story for Titans #15, I was absolutely pumped for the first issue of this new mini-series and I’m pleased to report I wasn’t disappointed! If you’re unaware of what’s occurring through the DC universe, deceased heroes are coming back to life, powered by black lantern rings, set on imagined revenge against former comrades. The eerie atmosphere of foreboding doom and the sorrow of the surviving he...

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