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The secrets of Nekron are revealed as darkness consumes the DC Universe. Everything elese: TOP SECRET.

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Don't Look Back 0

In terms of the rest of the plot developments elsewhere thus far in this series, the one here seems a little less impressive.  The assembled heroes of Earth have their backs against the wall as members of the Justice League have been taken over by black rings, and the heroes need to find a solution fast.  As has happened before, they don't find a solution rather a solution finds them in the form of Ganthet.  He reveals that he is relinquishing his role as a Guardian so as to become a Green Lante...

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Go go power-ring rangers 0

i didn't pay money for this book. I read a friend's copy while i waited for some new years drinking to go down. Now, i have read a lot of comic books in my time, and majority of them have been cheesy. Occasionally though, i come across a comic that is so deep and well written it blows my mind. A staggeringly brilliant comic with massive character development and explanations that really get your mind working to guess one step ahead or even trick and interest you into believing some of the things...

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Perfect! 0

First off Geoff Johns continues to amaze me with Blackest Night. When you think it can't get any better,it does!!!! Best issue of Blackest Night ever!  So in this issue,We see Barry Allen and Hal Jordan basically dodging the Black rings,which gets to be pretty cool, and they end up evading them We then see a sorta pickup from Green Lantern#49 with Atom,Mera and Black Lantern Jean Loring. Poor Poor Jean! Mera just rips her arm off! Why,Why Mera? They escape from the black ring,John Stewart arrive...

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