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    Johns Kicks It Off!

    Here is the event we have all been waiting for since Blackest night #0 and Geoff Johns does not disappoint, especially with art from Ivan Reis.

    Now the Blackest Night #1 Whets the appitite for more, it is setting this up to be such an all encompassing story that will affect the whole DCU living or dead. The great thing about Johns is that you dont really need the whole backstory he spoon feeds you everything you need to know. so if you are hesitant about picking it up because you arent perticularly knowledgeable about the DCU, thats fine because Johns gives you all you need to know. so pick it up, you wont be lost, And you dont need to lose out on what seems to be the begining of a great story.

    Now on to the story itself, this first issue does not kick off alot of action, but sets up the future issues to just get going. This story begins with Superman day, They were remembering the day he died, but now since hes returned they are rembering and celebrating the lives of heros lost. So you get to see many A- List superheros visiting the graves of friends fallen. And black hand  desecrates the unmarked grave of Bruce Wayne and Alfred is Out of sorts and alerting the league. Scar has revealed herself to the guardians, like Emporer Palpatine did in Star Wars ep3 to Mace Windu and Yoda, with a vengance. Scar goes at it and takes a guardian down (vampire style). Not to mention Black Hand is walking around with what is to be believed is the skull of Bruce Wayne. The Black rings come buzzing in and plunge into the ground of many dead heros who are rising with one thing in mind, they want to feed. we dont get to see all the heros who have risen but we get a good feel of how there going to be with the re-emerged Elongated man And Sue, who take down Hawk Man And Woman violently. this opens the do to so much chaos and I cannot wait for issue #2.

    Dont forget to check out Tales Of The Corps #1 for some stories of some of the key players in blackest night, such as, Saint walker (Blue Lantern) and his origin, Mongul (Yellow Lantern) and his early asperations of universal conquest, and much more.

    So Great Things to come from the master scribe Geoff Johns, So If you like my reviews keep an eye out for more on all things related to Blackest Night, And ill try to be more prompt with the reviews. So hit me up and tell me what you like what you dont like, if you agree or disagree with my review and anything you'd like me to talk more about, or even if you just want to talk comics.

    This was GLRayner85, See ya Next time.

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