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Blacker is an experienced Autobot who attempts to lead by example - albeit in a very blunt and curt manner, making him come off as rather patronizing to some of the younger Autobots. He's more than willing to put himself at risk for the sake of others and has been crippled several times in doing so. He is second-in-command to Star Saber.

As a Brainmaster, Blacker's true form is that of a small robot known as the Brain of Strength, which combines with the Blacker body, forming its face (functioning much like a Headmaster).

Powers & Abilities

In vehicle mode, Blacker can expand his tires and fire needle-like studs at his enemies.

In robot mode he typically wields a sword and/or energy blaster.

Other Media

Blacker primarily appeared in the Japanese TV series, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory (known in the US more commonly as simply Transformers: Victory) and the subsequent manga series. He has yet to make any major appearances in US Transformers series.


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