Blackbriar Thorn

    Character » Blackbriar Thorn appears in 50 issues.

    As a Druid, Thorn has complete control over the elements, and is able to conjure snow, storms, or dense fog in instants. He is also a master of illusion.

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    Blackbriar Thorn was the high priest of an ancient Druid sect, leading them in sacrificial rituals until the day the sect was wiped out by an invading Roman legion. Seeking to elude his pursuers Thorn slipped away during the massacre and, using his arcane powers, turned himself into solid wood in the hope that he would be missed among the surrounding trees. Unfortunately for Thorn, the other druids, in their death throes, cast a spell which caused the ground to open and swallow him whole. Centuries later, Thorn was unearthed by the archaeologist Lewis Land, and revived by his own residual magic and the light of the full moon. Although trapped in his wooden form, Thorn was otherwise unimpaired and his abilities undiminished. Superman and Jason Blood were in the crowd as civilians, and drove the druid away. Later he set up a trap to possess Superman's body in Gotham Park. He is defeated when Superman separates the chuck of ground Thorn is standing on from the Earth; Thorn rapidly uses up the energy from the ground and is rendered incorporeal.

    Major Story Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Earth

    Thorn appears in Crisis On Infinite Earths as one of the sorcerers lending magical powers to Doctor Occult and Alan Scott.

    Day of Vengeance

    While in the Forest of Mist, Blackbriar and about 700 other magic users, are attacked by the Spectre. Blackbrair is the last one left standing and he tries to battle the Spectre, but he too is killed, although it is not a final death. Later he, along with countless other magic users, lends some of his magic to Enchantress, which she funnels to Billy Batson so he can combat the Spectre.

    He later joins the Injustice Society with the goal of killing Alan Scott.

    Sorcerer Kings

    Blackbriar, along with Brother Blood, Felix Faust, and Morgan Le Fay attempt to cast the Final Spell, but they are stopped by Shadowpact, Batman and Superman.

    New 52

    In pursuit of Felix Faust and the traitor Doctor Mist, Zatanna and Deadman teleport to Peru, only to be ambushed by a monstrous Blackbriar Thorn.


    Blackbriar Thorn has become the Living City. He hides into the former subways of Metropolis. He meets the restistance of Buddy Baker, Steel, Black Orchid, Beast Boy, and Constantine. They had recently found Medphyll who had not gained his strength. Buddy burrows through Blackbriar Thorn to find the real human version and brings him out of his created shell and leaves him in the subways in shock.

    Powers and Abilities

    Blackbriar Thorn is a Druid priest vastly experienced in elemental magic. He can control the weather as well as create illusions and bend plant life to his will. He can regenerate as long as a part of his original body remains. In the New 52 series of Justice League Dark, he has grown to monstrous proportions and is more part of the jungles around him than man.


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