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    A Blackbody is a tool for collecting souls for the Uni-Lord

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    The Blackbodies were created to instill fear in the population of the universe. Through this fear, the Uni-Lord was able to be fed with prayers. The Blackbody brings fear to all it comes across and it has the power to take all living souls into it that help power the Uni-Lord.

    Grand Practitioner Harquis Tey set out a plan to stop the Uni-Lord and his Blackbodies once and for all. The Outrider Oclin was able to contact the Silver Surfer in another universe and get him to come back to combat the Blackbody by showing him a vision, in which saw all his universe's heroes and villains fighting together as one, including Galactus. He stood back and watched in horror though as Blackbody let a black river of death flow from his massive chest, killing all who touched it. He had been seeing through the eyes of Practitioner Tey. The Watcher then told the Silver Surfer that it was a vision of the future, and that he must stop Blackbody.

    The Blackbodies were deactivated when the Surfer gained the Uni-Lord's power.

    Powers and Abilities

    Blackbodies are controlled by the Uni-Lord and have no mind of their own.

    The Blackbody is nearly invulnerable. It's purpose is to collect souls, which it is most proficient at. It is able to suck all life, no matter how powerful, into itself with a river of blackness. This is referred to as assimilation.

    It is unknown if a Blackbody can fly but they can levitate.

    For more information see Blackbodies and Black Surfer.


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