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The Blackbodies were created to instill fear in the population of the universe. Through this fear, the Uni-Lord was able to be fed with prayers. The Blackbody brings fear to all it comes across and it has the power to take all living souls into it that help power the Uni-Lord. His Dark Counsel was also given his own personal Blackbody.

The Blackbodies are stored in a ship called an Assimilator. The creatures who house the ships are known as the Assimilators.

When the Silver Surfer arrived he was unconscious and separated from his board. A Blackbody was able to take the Surfer's soul through the board. When the Surfer tried to get it to give it back he was consumed and dismantled. His soul went to the Congregation of Finality and his body eventually formed the Silver Skyriders.

The Skyriders powers were taken by Dark Counsel's Blackbody and the Uni-Lord planned to assimilate all of their races. He unleashed dozens of Blackbodies on their home worlds.

It was through the Dark Consel's Blackbody that the Surfer was able to become reborn and he gained some of it's power to battle the Uni-Lord.

The Blackbodies were deactivated when the Silver Surfer obtained the Uni-Lord's power.


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