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    A former Volgan officer who was forcibly recruited into the ABC Warriors, Blackblood serves as one of the team's core members, despite the fact that he would gladly betray them all if given the opportunity.

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    General Blackblood is a former Volgan officer who gained his name from the rumor that it was his practice to drink the "blood" (oil) of slain enemy robots. Though an enemy of the Allies' ABC Warriors, Blackblood was forcibly recruited by Hammerstein's ABC Warriors by being shot in the head by sniper Joe Pineapples, and then having his brain surgically altered in order to make use of his guerrilla warfare and tactical skills. While his sadistic personality remains intact, Blackblood was left unable to indulge in his passions for cruelty and betrayal.

    Despite being a core member of the ABC Warriors, the team always has to be on the lookout for his treachery from within their ranks, due to his vehement hatred of both Hammerstein and Joe Pineapples, and his general disdain towards the others.


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