Respect the Widow (Natasha)

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A big thank you to jloneblackheart for the move :D 

In our sites is the femme fatale known as the Black Widow.

Black Widow #4
Black Widow #4


With her appearing in Iron Man 2 and getting a newly minted ongoing all to herself, I figured it was about time Natasha received some respect here.  
So starting with issue 1 of her own ongoing I would like to formally welcome you to the Black Widow respect thread for those of us who love the fiery red headed spy from faraway Russia. 
For me, she has always been a bright light in the life of DD, she's there to help him and knows he's there for her when she needs him as well.  A seemingly mainstay on the Avengers, a top operative for S.H.I.E.L.D. and around since the second world war, she has been thru much and persiviered.  She fought along side Captain America and Wolverine.  She is a woman of many talents.   
I feel for anyone she is sent after or who crosses her.   
Speaking of crossing her, who was that mystery person who had her operated on on the sidewalk?  What does that black rose mean? 
I am eager to find out and have it on my very limited pull list.

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