Black Widow

    Character » Black Widow appears in 8 issues.

    Also known as "Spider Woman", she was one of Space Ghost's signature villains.

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    An ill-tempered rasping-voiced woman with a gray pallor, she was determined to kill Space Ghost in revenge for an unspecified past encounter. She was one of the more frightening of Space Ghost's enemies and one of the few who came close to defeating him.

    Her "spider" minions had little in common with earth spiders: their heads resembled ant heads, long forked tongues flickered out of their reptilian mouths while they growled, and they were bipedal with only two legs and two arms (with the exception of the four-armed tarantopod). Their webs were energy constructs beamed from their thick antennae (or possible arthropod horns, like a beetle) rather than silk spun threads. Judging by their behavior, the "spider" minions were more likely well-trained animals rather than sapient flunkies or followers.

    Although never directly confirmed, it was often implied that The Black Widow's "spider" minions were genetically engineered by The Black Widow and designed to obey her without question.

    In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, she is often portrayed as being boy-crazy. She was often interested in Space Ghost much to the disgust of him and other villains. This depiction also appeared in Johnny Bravo.


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