Black Widow (Petra)

    Character » Black Widow (Petra) appears in 3 issues.

    Counterpart of the Black Widow created to satisfy the sexual needs of Colonel Vasilievich Pyotr Starkovsky.

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    Brief History

    Colonel Starkovsky, mentor to Yelena Belova, the future Black Widow, grew increasingly attracted to his student as she matured. He was also frustrated that she continued to be unwilling to accept the role of the Black Widow, believing herself to be inadequate and inferior to her predecessor. Unwilling to allow himself to show his attraction to his loyal student, Starkovsky instead began to attend the Fabrika fetish sex club. Starkovsky eventually had the mistress of Fabrika, Nikki (secretly G.R.U. Captain Lubyev), arrange for a lookalike of Yelena to wear the Black Widow costume and satisfy his lusts, both masochistic and sexual. Nikki picked Petra, and Starkovsky shared every detail about Yelena to Petra, including government secrets.

    Eventually Petra came to use the Black Widow costume and persona with other clients.

    Petra eventually became psychotic and came to believe that she was the real Black Widow. Petra killed Starkovsky during one of their...sessions.

    Petra was in mid-dominatrix session with another client when Nikki interrupted, revealing Petra's existence to Belova.

    Belova kicked Petra aside, initially believing her client to be Starkovsky. Later, Petra slew Detective Golitsyn when he came to Fabrika to try to continue the investigation.

    Petra slew Detective Dobrova when she followed up on Golitsyn, and Yelena and Nikki discovered the dead Golitsyn upon investigating Petra's quarters. Petra knocked out Nikki and savagely attacked Yelena, trying to force her to admit that Petra was the true Black Widow. However, Yelena was strengthened by her desire to avenge Starkovsky and she fought back, breaking Petra's neck.

    From then on, Yelena proudly accepted her role as the Black Widow.


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