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Black Widow #3 Review

Nathan Edmondson continues to give a terrific espionage story, which is something that a Black Widow centred series needs. Edmondson also continues to develop Widow as a character, as although she's been around for a long time, we're still learning new things about this deadly spy, with this series showing a more questionable side to her. This adds a lot to the depth and tone, and at the end of the day her key characteristics are shown perfectly, which is what really counts. The most intriguing part of this issue was near the end, with a discussion between Widow and S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill showing promise of a proper story arc.

Phil Noto's art was once again wonderful, as despite the odd rough panels it was still amazing. Noto also continues to give a very smooth and energetic flow to the series, with his colours as usual adding the perfect final tone to the series (for the most part). Despite all this I was actually ever so slightly disappointed with Noto's art in this issue, due to the rough panels, and it's obvious that the short time frame between each issue has caught up with him. I do however not blame Noto for this, and now that the series is on a monthly schedule I'm sure he'll be back to his high standards throughout every panel.

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