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    Commercialization and prejudice, but I love it!

    It's obvious this new series has been created after the character's inclusion in the epic blockbuster, and I was a little disappointed when I heard this would basically be replacing Ms. Marvel.  This feeling of loss was quickly replaced after I saw the film, and I was amazed by Scarlett Johansson's performance and became instantly obsessed (seriously, I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona and He's Just Not That Into You within two days of going to the cinema), so I may be slightly prejudiced there.  Also, I am a really big fan of Marjorie Liu, her work on NYX: No Way Home was incredible, so there may be some bias present from there.  
    I haven't been one for the Black Widow, I have to be honest.  I've been collecting since 2006 and my main titles were the X-Ones, and the only ones I have with her in are the ones of Bendis' run in Mighty Avengers, where she had the weird haircut and really didn't shine compared to the other characters.  She just seemed bland there. 
    However in this title, even after two issues, Liu has had me hooked!  I love mystery of it all, the espionage and the character has really grown on me.  I characterize myself as a feminist and it's great to see Marvel increasing it's female presence with new titles such as this and the increased acknowledgement of the Women of Marvel.  Liu really manages to portray her as a strong willed, independent woman, and it's clear from her interaction with Wolverine in this issue that she doesn't need a man's help.  It's great to see a character without superpowers (well, active ones) to show those with them how the job's done, and I think the inclusion of Elektra at the end of the issue will heighten this sense of feminism next time around. 
    Acuna's art is flawless in my opinion.  It's so detailed and so graphic, so lively and gripping: spectacular.  The small things like the gloves and passport on the desk in the safe house get the same attention that the bigger pictures do. 
    Flaws...  I have to say the scenes with the Trio of Stark, Barnes and Barton and the other man seemed to drag on, and there were parts that seemed a bit pointless, but other than that, a fantastic issue! 

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