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A Botched Mission

It seems that each of Widow's adventures seems to want to present us with a different sort of fight, which makes sense. And yet, this one already was beginning to feel a little stale to me by the end. Why is that? I'me writing this, more or less, to find out.

This issue features our Russian spy at odds with a mission gone awry. Yet, in doing so, Nathan Edmondson must instinctively take us through the motions of going back a few hours to see what happened, then forward to the present, then back further when Natasha thinks back on her past, and so on. It gets a little annoying, as if the author isn't satisfied with sticking in the present.

Another issue that I have with this specific comic was that there really isn't any super villians. Now, I know what you're saying already; there weren't any last issue either. But, what makes the last issue different for me was that the plot felt a little more clever and interesting; it was a fluent situation that gave us a lot more to think about. This one feels like it was taken straight out of some old James Bond flick, which, for me, just doesn't work. All-New Marvel Now is meant to present us all new ideas, but this felt a little overdone. There were a few thoughtful moments, often when Widow was thinking about her past, that made for some good dialogue and details, but that just left most of the issue feeling comparatively lack-luster.

There's also some action back at home while Black Widow is away, but I never felt invested in it, and ended up wasting pages that could have been better used. I get that we are trying to flesh out Natasha's friend, but this was more rushed and, for lack of a better word, meh than it needed to be.

I think it's easy to compare this series to Hawkeye; both feature one of the primarily human Avengers who are trying to make up for their failings, supported by a minimal cast and a kick ass artist. What makes Hawkeye so much better at this point? The humor. When Hawkeye is a funny series, it shines brightly. Admittedly, this has sort of petered off as of late, which has deterred me a little from the series, and is what seems to be deterring me from this one. I can't really expect this series to be funny, but it's still missing something more for me to continue investing in it. Hopefully, Edmondson can bring back what made the first issue great in future installments.

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