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Black Widow #2 Review

Nathan Edmondson takes the Black Widow to Shanghai in this issue, with her doing business with someone she already knows, making three mistakes along the way. Now I said that this issue wasn't quite as good as the first, but still Edmondson managed to show the espionage throughout this issue perfectly, whilst also projecting Widow's thoughts and emotions brilliantly as well. It is however ever so slightly too fast paced in my opinion, and although this doesn't hurt the issue much, it does slightly. Edmondson does however also continue to create some amazing narration and along with the suspenseful and mysterious build-up this looks to be a series that will continue to produce astonishing material time and time again.

Phil Noto yet again produced some phenomenal artwork in this issue, with it continuing to be some of the best art that I've ever seen from him. Noto's layouts were also once again superb, helping the flow of the issue perfectly, but it'd be Noto's outstanding colours that I'd continue to like the most. They add the perfect gritty tone that this series needs, and despite Noto always producing marvellous colours for his art these are by far some of his best. Noto didn't stop here though, as the breathtaking action simply leaped off the page, giving the kind of excitement that you expect from a Black Widow comic.

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