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Black Widow #1 Review

Nathan Edmondson did an excellent job of taking this Avenger and putting her back into the environment that she's best suited to. I enjoy seeing Black Widow as an Avengers but as she doesn't really get used properly it's fitting that she's got her own ongoing series again. Edmondson handled the espionage part of this series perfectly, adding great tone and atmosphere. It was also nice to see Widow try to atone for her past sins, as it adding a bit more humanism to the story. On top of this I loved the amazing dialogue which was at times slightly amusing and others very gritty and serious.

Artist Phil Noto also didn't fail to impress reminding me why I love his artwork. The detail to Noto's art was simply phenomenal, being very consistent throughout and along with the smooth flowing layout it made this issue very pleasant to read. Noto also produced some very exciting sequences that were very lively, almost jumping off the page. The character expressions were also shown perfectly, adding a lot of emotion and realism to the story. It was however Noto's fantastic colours that I enjoyed the most as they suited the tone of the story brilliantly.

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