Black Venus

    Character » Black Venus appears in 48 issues.

    An aviator, Black Venus is a skilled pilot who helped during World War II. She first appeared in Contact Comics#5

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    Golden Age Version

    An exotic dancer in Paris before the war, it was there that she first wore her distinctive black costume, after it starts she goes to the Pacific theater and becomes a nurse.

    From time to time however, when she see a case that needs her special skill, she ads a flight helmet and a pair of goggles to her old costume and flies out under he old night club nom de gare of Black Venus.

    While an expert pilot she does most of her work behind lines among the Japanese, captured many times she always manages to escape with the needed information as well as doing considerable damage on he way back behind the American lines.

    AC Version

    While working as a physical therapist, rehabilitating World War II veterans, Mary finds that there are people who have no compunctions about preying on the crippled or shell-shocked. Resolving to thrwart the black marketeers, extortionists and the like, she decides to work undercover as the Black Venus.

    The two-fisted Florence Nightingale used a small, highly maneuverable blue-black fighter plane for her war on crime.

    Black Venus is a character published by Aviation Press. She is one of the characters that is part of Project Super Powers published by Dynamite Entertainment.

    Aviation Press and Aviation Comics are the same company, a name used by Holyoke to tie into their fighter pilot characters which was also used.


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