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After Deadpool was given the credit for assassinating four powerful Asian mobsters, Black Swan became insulted since it was he who performed the high-profile kills.

Deadpool was hired to kill the Black Swan in Germany. However, this was a trap orchestrated by Black Swan. He proceeded to infect Deadpool with a psionic virus and beat a surprised Deadpool mercilessly. He then brought Deadpool back to America, having his goons savagely beat Deadpool periodically so that Deadpool couldn't fully heal.

Deadpool would later return to get even, carrying a bomb with him. Black Swan fought Deadpool with his body and his mind, but Deadpool's bomb went off and seemingly killed them both. Truth would have it that Black Swan somehow absorbed physical and mental traits from both Deadpool and Nijo to survive, but he unwittingly caused all three to share one-another's.

Black Swan, Deadpool, and Agent-X would later reunite with the intention of "trading back," however Black Swan double-crossed them and absorbed even more of their abilities for himself. He was ultimately killed in a joint effort by Deadpool and Agency-X, and was stuffed.


Black Swan has the ability to implant a psionic virus into another's mind which disrupts mental processing and motor functions.

Black Swan also had the ability to psionically absorb skills and abilities of others.


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