Black Scorpion

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    Black Scorpion is a masked vigilante who fights crime against super villains that terrorize The City of Angels.

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    Black Scorpion was created by Roger Corman and Craig J. Nevius


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    Darcy Walker is a cop by day, but by night she becomes her alter ego: The Black Scorpion, to fight crime against super villains and corrupt city officials who pry on the innocent of Angel City. With her trusted friend and mentor, Argyle, who provides her with gadgets and upgrades for her scorpion mobile, Darcy is ready to serve justice her own way. Something she can't do with her badge.

    Darcy was determined to become The Black Scorpion after her father, Commissioner Stan Walker, was shot by one of Gangster Prankster's crony as a warning to the entire police department to not interfere in their criminal activities. Upon further investigation by Darcy and her partner Steve Rafferty, it was revealed to be Dr. Noah Godard a.k.a the Breathtaker who arranged the hit on Walker as payback for making him a cripple. Darcy's father's death was a turning point for Darcy's young life that she promised to protect the helpless and wage war against crime.

    Powers and Abilities

    Black Scorpion has no superpowers but her superior martial-arts prowess and agility makes her an excellent fighter.

    Weapons and Equipment

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    Black Scorpion has access to a large assortment of arsenals and gadgets at her disposal that she uses against super villains.

    • Scorpion Ring - The ring can emit a powerful, radiating light, powerful enough to knock super villains off their feet. The ring also acts as a shield to ricochet enemy bullets. In addition, the ring can also transform her civilian clothing to her Black Scorpion outfit.
    • Scorpio Mobile - Her most powerful weapon is her high tech black Porsche equipped with variety of gadgets that functions as a quick getaway from the cops who are always in her pursuit. The Scorpion mobile has also the ability to change its appearance to look like a normal car, a white Corvette, when Darcy is in her civilian identity.

    Other Media

    The Black Scorpion first appeared in the film "Black Scorpion" (1995), a comedy-action film. She returned in the sequel "Black Scorpion II: Aftershock" (1997). In both films she was portrayed by Joan Severance. Black Scorpion

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    then gained a live-action television series of her own, "Black Scorpion" from the Sci Fi Channel. The series only lasted one season of 22 episodes, running from January 5 to June 30, 2001. The actress portraying her was Michelle Lintel. Some of the episodes were combined as films for video release. The first such "film" was released as "Black Scorpion Returns" (2001) and the second as "Sting of the Black Scorpion" (2002). The complete series was later released on DVD, but is now out of print. The character remained dormant until revival in comic books.


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