Black Scorpion

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    The Black Scorpion utilises armour stolen from inventor Leonard Bowen. Now one of Arachnos' most brutal lieutenants, this heavily armoured behemouth has the raw power to subdue even the strongest of heroes.

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    Major Story Arcs

    The Black Scorpion
    The Black Scorpion

    Before becoming the huge and menacing Black Scorpion, Ernesto Rodriguez had been a South American mercenary taking contracts around his mainland continent and the U.S.

    On one particular contract he was to infiltrate the hidden lab of Leonard Bowen. Rodriguez and his mercenary team fought through the lab laced with many high tech security devices. Coming across an armoured battle-suit that Bowen had been working on, Rodriguez held Bowen as his hostage in order to gain more information on the armour. Torturing the inventor he obtained what he wanted, but having outlived his purpose, Rodriguez killed the Bowen instead.

    Utilising the battle-suit for his own purposes, Rodriquez renamed himself the Black Scorpion, taking inspiration from the suit. It could only be described as a huge, dark metallic scorpion equipped with a functioning scorpion-like tail blaster at the rear and blaster claw on the right arm.

    The power of the battle-suit was like a drug to the Black Scorpion and improving that power soon became an obsession. The very contracts and missions he undertook would help him gain more money and upgrades for his battle-suit.

    Black Scorpion work quickly attracted the attention of Lord Recluse and was hired to become part of his Arachnos legion. Overseeing Arachnos' scientific division, he uses their expertise to modify his battle-suit whenever he sees fit.

    During this time, he would come across another whose fascination for the merging of one’s body with machinery. Her name was Silver Mantis. Born Tamura Shirai, her fascinations began early during her teens. First it was tattoos, then body piercing before moving onto more advance and to the somewhat dangerous, Metal Fusion. Silver Mantis is a stark contrast to her mentor, is sleek, slender but very much lethal. With control over the metal spikes that are screwed into her bones, it is believed it is a mutant ability that allows her to discharge spikes from her body in bursts. With a sadistic nature, Silver Mantis takes pleasure in torturing her victims before eventually killing them.

    As one of Lord Recluse’s right hand men, he shows him absolute and unbending loyalty. Coupled with low intelligence and lust for power makes him the perfect servant for Lord Recluse.

    One of Arachnos’ most brutal members, Black Scorpion is rivalled only by Captain Mako, whom both share a passionate dislike for each other.

    Powers and Abilities

    Battle-suit Blueprint
    Battle-suit Blueprint

    Black Scorpion’s powers are all derived from his battle-suit and with the constant modifications and upgrades he is quite possibly the most heavily armoured member of Arachnos.

    Scorpion Tail: Along with the smashing damage it can inflict, it is also used for ranged energy bursts.

    Claws: Both hands are replaced with claws capable of intense crushing and slashing damamge.

    Claw Cannon: Right arm claw also consists of a blaster cannon.

    Enhanced Strength: Augmentation of strength to superhuman levels.


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