Black Razor

    Team » Black Razor appears in 37 issues.

    Special forces unit of International Operations that deal with supernatural and alien threats in the Wildstorm Universe and later, the DC Universe.

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    The Black Razors are an elite branch of security officers for International operations (I.O.). They are tasked with executing covert operations deemed to difficult or dirty for other government organizations. Once led by Ben Santini, under director John Lynch, the team disbanded after director Lynch when rogue and Santini was promoted to the new director of I.O. Black Razors wear TRV suits, light cybernetic armor that protects them and enhances their strength to peak human levels without compromising agility.



    During a battle with the WildC.a.t.s, Jacob Marlowe shoots Santini in the knee crippling him. While in recovery Santini realizes that I.O. is corrupt and begins to act as a double agent. Santini teams up with the WildC.a.t.s in their war with the daemonites soon after having his knee replaced with cybernetics.

    After Black Razor is disbanded Santini and other members of Black Razor help form Team Achilles.

    DC Universe

    Recently Black Razor has reappeared in the new DCnU As a government task force sent to apprehend Priscilla Kitaen in Voodoo #2


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