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    Silent speedster of the Serpent Squad.

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    A rather quiet woman with the power of super speed, Black Racer was part of the fourth incarnation of the Serpent Squad. Sidewinder, of the Serpent Society, took note of their accomplishments and invited them to join his organization, which they accepted. Ultimately, however, this was a ploy to maneuver Viper into leadership of the the society. Black Racer supported Viper in the coup and, after Sidewinder was ousted, Viper ordered her to search all the hospitals in the area for the injured former leader.

    After Viper abandoned the group, Black Racer continued to work with the Society, now lead by Cobra.    


    Black Racer was created by Mark Gruenwald and Tom Morgan in 1988 and first appeared in Captain America # 337.

    Story Arcs

    • Atlantis Attacks

    Cobra would take a job from Ghaur and Llyra to obtain four objects containing arcane mystic powers. Cobra would split up members of the Serpent Society and send them to various locations to retrieve these objects. Black Racer, Cottonmouth, Bushmaster and Rattler would come into conflict with Longshot, Psylocke, Storm and Dazzler of the X-Men over a magical rock located in Iceland. Black Racer would be blinded by Dazzler's strobe blast and then she gets disoriented by Psylocke's psychic bolt which causes her to fall face first into a boulder. The X-Men are teleported away into Mr. Jip's lair when they find all four mystical items. Black Racer and the rest of the Serpent Society are double crossed by Sidewinder and Diamondback, leaving them broke and battered. 

    After not appearing for several years, she and the rest of the Serpent Society resurfaced recently to get revenge on Diamondback.

    Notably, she also participated in a race between heroes and villains with super speed.

    Powers and Abilities

    Black Racer can run at extremely fast speeds. The terminal velocity she can reach has yet to be defined.


    There has been some confusion regarding Black Racer's ethnicity. She has been depicted as both African-American and Caucasian.


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