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    Arch-nemesis of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

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    Black Pete, Pegleg Pete or just Pete is an anthropomorphic cat and recurring villain and antagonist in the Disney cartoons and comics.

    Interestingly Pete was created several years before Mickey Mouse. He first appeared in 1925 "Alice Solves The Puzzle" as 'Bootleg Pete" he was originally a bear who worked as bootlegger (the cartoon was made during Prohibition) and tried to steal a crossword puzzle from the title character.

    Oswald and Pete in the short Mechanical Man (1932) by Walter Lantz Productions
    Oswald and Pete in the short Mechanical Man (1932) by Walter Lantz Productions

    Later, Pete became Oswald the Rabbit's rival, with Disney losing Oswald's rights to Universal in 1928, Disney and Ub Iwerks created Mickey Mouse and Pete also became his rival, interestingly, Pete appeared in shorts directed and produced by Walter Lantz. until 1937, being a rare case of a character in two studios at the same time.

    Other Appearances

    Kingdom Hearts:

    In Kingdom Hearts 2 Pete was a reoccurring villain whom Sora fights. Apparently, Pete caused serve mischief making King Mickey to banish him to

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    another dimension. Luckily for him Maleficent freed him, allowing him to serve her by collecting Heartless.

    He was first seen trying to get inside Yen Sid's castle so he may turn the powerful sorcerer into a power heartless. He was soon scared off by Sora (especially after learning of Maleficent's death). After Malifecent''s resurrection Pete has been shown as an enemy at; Agrabah, the Pride Land, Port Royal, Olympus Coliseum, and Timeless River. Only once being an ally at the World that never was.

    Goof Troop

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    In this cartoon, Pete was not a villain, but he tended to be a bad neighbor to Goofy. Some of the differences between other Petes are; he owns his own used-car dealership, deep down he is a good person (sometimes feeling bad about bad things he did),

    He has a wife named Peg and two children; son PJ (Pete Junior) and daughter Pistol and knew Goofy in high school.

    House of Mouse

    While Mickey owned his own clubhouse, Pete is the greedy landlord. His main goal is to own the club for his personal gain but as long as Mickey has an audience Pete can not get the club. Several episodes show him trying to sabotage the show.


    Black Pete has a reputation for being very greedy, selfish, overconfident, cocky, ignorant, bossy, demanding, fascist, a hypocrite, conservative, shameless, sinful, sneaky, impatient, dishonest, completely unfair, power-hungry, gluttonous, unreliable, hated, feared, rude, ruthless, brutal, merciless, sleazy, evil, and sometimes nice (in tv shows such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).


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